About Coban Town and 7 Surrounding Places to Visit, Guatemala

Coban, Guatemala is quite known among travelers as the home base for their adventures in the region. It is also a very important social and commercial hub for all the surrounding towns, villages, and tourist destinations. Cobán is also the gateway for some of Guatemala’s best eco- and adventure-tourism destinations and activities.

Many years ago when the Spaniards founded this town it was called “Ciudad Imperial”. Today it is a 4,000ft. town where you will find lots of hotels, restaurants, internet cafes and bars.

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Near Coban you will see many cardamom plantations. This is the main industry of the area. This was brought by German immigrants in the mid 20th century. Cardamom and coffee are grown in this cool, moist mountain climate. Today, cardamom is Guatemala’s fourth-most-important cash crop behind coffee, bananas, and sugar.

Cardamom is an important ingredient in the curries and cuisine of India, where it’s also believed to be a medicinal herb and an antidote for snake and scorpion venom. In Scandinavia, the spice is used to flavor bread and pastries, and across the Middle East, it’s often added to coffee and thought to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

coban center

There are many places to visit here but the most popular ones are the natural turquoise pools of Semuc Champey and the huge complex of the Lanquin Caves. But that’s not close to being the only places to visit in the area.

Here are some other ideas on what to visit:

• Candelaria Caves
• Biotopo del Quetzal
• El Calvario Church
• Las Victorias National Park
• Mayan Prince Museum
• Finca Santa Margarita
• Vivero Verapaz (orchid garden)

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Coban and the surrounding area is filled with a couple of the best attractions of Guatemala, mainly natural beauties. The terrain is a bit rough but it is worth the effort.

Note: It is recommended to use a tall car or SUV for exploring the area.

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