How to Manage your Money and Currency Exchange when you Travel

There are many ways to manage your money when you travel. But it can get tricky if you don’t know how to use the conversion rates in your favor. Here are some services available for travelers and some recommendations on how to use them:

Financial Travel Products

There are services on the internet like HiFX where you can take care of your money online from any country in the world. They offer great exchange rates and provide foreign exchange service.

Debit Cards and ATMs

There are some things you can do to manage your money in a better way if you are going to be using an ATM in a foreign country.

1. Call your bank before traveling to figure out their conversion fees to keep a better control.
2. If your bank doesn’t have branches in the country you are going to visit it is a good idea to open an account in a back that does have them. This will reduce the ATM fees.
3. To have better control of your money and the fees sign up for online banking.
4. Don’t have all your money in one account in case your card is stolen.


Having cash is a good idea but you should never carry all the money you have for your trip in cash. To get the best rates avoid converting it at the airport, look for local banks instead. Sometimes if you ask the can get you a preferential rate.

Credit Cards

Cash is good because it can get you discounts at small businesses. But credit cards are great for keeping track of everything you spend. It is also a must have in almost every hotel, car rental service or plane tickets. It is also tricky to use them; here are some tips to avoid problems:

1. Credit card fees can be very different for every company, so try to find one with the lowest fees.
2. There are places like Guatemala where some people charge extra fees for paying with a credit card, so ask before buying, in this case cash is the way to go.
3. Let your credit card company know that you are going to travel, doing this avoids misunderstandings or them thinking it is a fraud and freezing your card.

If you follow these tips you will be able to save and to be safer when you travel. So keep them in mind!


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