A Family Adventure in Poas Volcano National Park

If you were to travel in Costa Rica, there is this one venue that you may want to consider adding to your traveling list, Poas Volcano National Park. This volcano is active but you will not be able to notice eruption or lava flow as you visit the park. The best time to visit the crater is during the dry season, probably January to April. If you were to visit the place in the morning you will enjoy the scenery. However if you come late, clouds befog the views making it hard for you to see that much through the crater. Well, aside from the scenery, there are other things that you can enjoy as you get there.

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My family and I were traveling through Alajuela, Costa Rica, and wanted to do something exciting so we decided to go on a day trip to Poas Volcano National Park. After we got picked up we drove through coffee plantations, strawberry fields and lush green slopes filled with cattle and enjoyed the beautiful scenery that this area has to offer. After we got there but before the actual tour started we saw a beautiful, scale model of the Poas Volcano and took some time to enjoy a hot cup of authentic Costa Rican coffee.

Right after that we started our walk up to the crater of the volcano which took around ten minutes. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the crater was when I saw it. It has turquoise blue gurgling steam and occasionally it burped sulfurous mud and sprayed hot steamy water high into the sky. I was so glad we got there early because the clouds were starting to obstruct the view.

When we got back down we were so excited that we wanted more. So we decided to go in one more hiking trip. This time we started walking up another trail which leads to the old, beautiful and extinct crater. Nowadays it’s filled with jade colored water. It was amazing too. The way up is a trail between a high altitude rain forest where I had a great time looking for some wildlife.

On the way back we stopped at Freda Fresas for lunch. This Costa Rican restaurant serves dishes with all kinds of fresh produce from the region. We decided to order the Casado. It is the most typical lunch there is in Costa Rica. This dish includes: rice and black beans, picadillo, fried plantains, farmers cheese with corn tortillas and chicken in a tomato sauce.

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This is one of the best places to go to in Costa Rica and was an amazing family adventure that I’m sure many of you might like to experience yourselves. So why don’t you?

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