Outdoor Adventure For Them, Staycation For You

The American economy continues sputtering along, as wages remain flat for most families and parents. With gasoline prices climbing, as well as food prices, more families will opt to do something close to home for vacation this year. Amusement parks, state and national parks, and water parks in your area, will all be popular destinations this summer. But there’s another option for parents, which allows you to have your cake and eat it too. Consider sending your kid(s) off on an adventure in the wilderness, in turn giving you a kid free, staycation at home.

There are immediate payoffs for you. No need to scour the internet looking for car rentals for the family. Unless your son is Richie Rich, you won’t need that private jet charter to Europe this year. You only need to find your child a plane ticket to go somewhere in the western hemisphere. In that case, the worst of your concerns is finding a cheap airfare. When your kid finds out about wilderness camps in Costa Rica, it might be difficult driving there.

Wilderness Adventures offers outdoor, adventure camps for children from 6th grade all the way through to college. The company hosts camps throughout the Rocky Mountains, California, the Pacific Northwest, the East Coast and Alaska. The majority of these trips are a week or two weeks long. The trips teach children and young adults a myriad of skills: wilderness first aid training, zip lining, mountaineering, culture immersion, language immersion, kayaking, etc. The trips impart leadership skills to the participants, cultivate an appreciation for natural beauty and instill them with an environmental ethic. A trip like this provides a much more authentic, and meaningful experience compared to going to your local Six Flags.

Perhaps the most exciting trip is the two week, Costa Rican adventure. Children have a wide array of opportunities to learn new skills and abilities. Besides learning a little bit of Spanish, kids also explore Arenal Volcano National Park, surf the Pacific Coast, assist with a sea turtle conservation project and whitewater raft the Pacuare River, among other activities. If this trip isn’t to your liking, the company offers other Costa Rican adventure trips, as well as a grand 22 day excursion to Costa Rica and Belize that includes scuba diving! There are few other countries in the world with such an amazing amount of biodiversity and weather climates, so your child will undoubtedly return with a new found appreciation for nature.

Meanwhile, you get to stay at home with your significant other, and enjoy time alone; a vacation in and of itself. You don’t have to worry about cost overruns when the car breaks down on the road and you don’t have to worry about buying souvenirs either. You don’t run the risk of embarrassing your kid because of the bathing suit you wear at the pool. You get peace and quiet, by allowing your child the chance to grow up on their own.

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