Romantic Vacation in Costa Rica – Testimonial


The trip was AWESOME, and we really appreciate all your help!

  • Drive from Liberia was not quite as long as expected, probably due to less traffic at that time of day.
  • The Lost Iguana was really nice! We would definitely recommend to others. We got a pretty good rate through a Groupon that Beth found.
  • Horse Ride to the waterfall was great, but the ride was maybe a little rough for Beth on first day of the Trip. Good outfitter.
  • We picked up rental car in La Fortuna. It took a little while to do all the paperwork and pay for the insurance, but generally pretty smooth.
  • The SkyTram was a really great tour, maybe one of the best on the entire trip. Location was actually a lot closer to the Lost Iguana than to most of the other Hotels in La Fortuna area, probably less than 5 KM from Lost Iguana to the access road (which was another long bumpy 8KM).
  • The Class 2-3 White Water trip was also excellent, and the outfitter was outstanding. I might actually opt for the Class 3-4 next time, as most of this was really Class 2, with nothing too challenging. Still a great outing.
  • On our 4th day, we tried a “River Safari” that we set up through the Hotel. This was good, but not as outstanding as previous outings. We actually saw a lot more wildlife on our morning nature hikes in Guanacaste.
  • On afternoon of Day 4 we filled up car with gas, and picked up some food and beer at the grocery store.
  • Day 5 we drove from Lost Iguana to Marriott Guanacaste. Drive was more pleasant in the daylight. It was long, but a little easier than expected. We made one wrong turn going through one of the towns, but that only cost us about 30 minutes before we were back on the right path. Not sure how much extra GPS service in Car would cost, but that might be a good option, just to provide assurance and peace of mind. Overall a nice drive. We filled up with gas just south of Liberia, and had pretty good driving directions between Liberia and Hacienda Pinilla.
  • Marriott Guanacaste was really nice. Really nice!!
  • Beside my day of offshore fishing, we didn’t make too many excursions from the Marriott. We did walk 15-20 minutes down the beach to a “Beach Club” for lunch one day.
  • We were up early most days, and took morning nature hikes, guided by a member of the Marriott staff. We saw lots of wildlife on these walks, and saw multiple groups of Howler Monkeys on most of these hikes.
  • We did schedule a 2 hour horse-ride through the Marriott. The stables at Hacienda Pinilla were outstanding and their horses were beautiful. The ride was exceptional, with multiple opportunities to gallop the horses, and the ride ended with a nice walk/run on the beach, right at Sundown. It doesn’t get much better than that (although EVERY sundown was outstanding)
  • We had the concierge at the Marriott make a couple calls to the Adobe rental office to clarify exactly how we were to drop off the car in Liberia. In the end, it was amazingly simple. Instead of going to the Adobe office (and hoping someone was there), they instructed us to drop off right at the airport. When we arrived at the Airport at 5:30 AM, the Adobe representative wasn’t there, but another very nice man from another rental company told us where to park, and suggested we go ahead and start the check-in process, and we could come back in a little while to meet the Adobe representative. That worked just fine, and the Adobe rep was waiting for us after we got our boarding passes.

Overall, this was probably the best vacation we’ve had in the past 30 years. We definitely appreciate your guidance and assistance, and we’ll definitely be going back to Costa Rica in the next couple years.

Pura Vida!
Paul and Elizbeth Hutten

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