Restaurant in Honduras – The Best Sunsets on Roatan, Great Eats and a Place To Stay!

When traveling eating out is one of the highlights of the trip. It can go in two directions: you strike gold with a great place or you end up being pretty pissed you just shelled out too much money.

Gratefully, when we arrived to Fosters Restaurant and Bar in West Bay it was time for the setting sun and the whole restaurant was illuminated. For me, the #1 most important trait when looking where to eat is LOCATION. And let me tell you, Fosters is perfectly located.

restaurant in honduras

Here is what happened to us at this Restaurant in Honduras:

I’ll be honest, there are tons of restaurants along West Bay, which is the most popular spot on Roatan and the best beach of all the Bay Islands. However, no restaurants that I saw were literally in the sand with nothing between you and the crystal clear blue waters. Plus, Fosters has these tables that have the funnest swings doubling as seats – perfect for kids to hang out on while waiting for our order to come out.

west bay roatan

Roatan is known for their Coconut Shrimp dish, which was exactly what I ordered. And my son, Mr. Picky-Eater-of-the-Year, was quickly appeased when they made him a dish that wasn’t on the menu and he was thrilled.

>resort in roatan

But my favorite part, besides swinging away watching the sun go down, was the delicious Roatan specialty tropical drink prepared for me by the owner, Leslie called – Monkey Lala. How yummy is this – Bailey’s, Kahlua, Coconut Rum, White Chocolate Liqueur and Coconut water! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

recipe for monkey lala tropical drink

But Foster’s isn’t only known for the restaurant which also offers a different special every night – like fresh Lobster for only $12.99.  There is a reason they are called Foster’s West Bay Resort which are beautiful cabins for rent. Also located right on the beach this is a great family hotel that won’t break the bank and has cabins of all sizes some with full kitchens, three bedrooms that can sleep 16 people comfortably!

fosters hotel west bay roatan honduras

And the views – sometimes it’s just better to show it in pictures!

setting sun over caribbean sea

Thanks Leslie for a great night out and the best Monkey Lala on the Island!


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