Surf Breaks and Beaches of El Salvador

Traveling to El Salvador might not be very popular. It is one of those countries you hear about either in passing or in some conversation. But then when you think about it, it’s not a country that is well known and certainly not one that gets a reputation for great hospitality, energy and beaches.

Discover fun facts about surfing in El Salvador.


At least, this is what we knew about it before our first trip there. Being only 5 hours from El Salvador’s beaches, we took our first family trip there 8 months ago.  Since then we have been hooked on El Salvador and have returned three times and counting.

Or maybe it’s the beach, sun and surf that makes the Guanacos (El Salvadorians) so damn friendly and laid back.

As much as we like Suchitoto, we LOVE the Balsamo Coast even more!

The Famous Surf Breaks and Beaches of El Salvador:

1. Playa Sunzal

Believe it or not, this is actually a world famous surf break with one of the longest rights in Latin America. When it’s not rocky the beach is great to sit and watch the surfers and boogy boarders do their thing.  This is more of an intermediate to very advanced surfers, and highly recommended to take lessons to hit these waves.


My husband took lessons here, and said it was quite violent for beginners. However, we saw some insane surfers rip it up!


2. Playa Tunco

This is our favorite spot. It’s a few minute walk from Sunzal, when the tide is down. Or a few minute drive. But what makes Playa Tunco SO incredible is the adorable little town with great restaurants and bars. Most of the restaurants are very kid friendly with pools to let them burn off their energy.

playa tunco el salvador ocean view

This is also a good beach for surf lessons, it’s a bit more beginner based.  My son and husband took lessons here as well, and it was much easier to stand on the board – especially for first timers.

3. El Zonte

We discovered this beach on our last trip over. From the feel of it, this is a purely surf town. All the hotels seem to be surf schools, or surfer hang outs. We were there when the tide was high, so there wasn’t much of a beach for us to hang out on. But from a surfers’ point of view, the waves rocked and the bottom was sandy as compared to Sunzal where the floor is rocky. Plus, the waves here are more beginner friendly as well.  We had a blast eating pizza at a local restaurant and watching daily life of this teeny tiny town.

el zonte beach el salvador town

Descubre información acerca de qué hacer en El Salvador.

So take my advice and visit one of these beaches of El Salvador. You will have a great surfing, family adventure.

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  1. I’m glad to see nice photo collection of your blog. Surfing in the sea always cheerful and a horrible experience in life. Have a nice journey……………..


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