Secret Attraction of La Libertad on the Balsamo Coast, El Salvador

What is the most exciting thing about traveling? Discovering places that you have never heard about and mainly visited by locals. Otherwise, you are always kind of stuck in the tourist rut. Sure that can be fun too. But every once in a while you need the local life injection, and it’s even better when it comes to you unexpectedly. That is exactly what happened during my trip to El Salvador.

Puerto La Libertad, El Salvador

La Libertad is really a port town. From the outset it looks shady and dirty. However, if you look past all that you will find the pier!

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la libertad pier el salvador


Why Exploring the Pier is a Priceless Experience:

1. You get to see how the local fishing industry thrives and exists daily

pier la libertad el salvador

2. The kids will be in awe with all the fresh fish caught that very second

fresh seafood at market la libertad el salvador

3. Watch the local fishermen bring in their small boats with all sorts of fish

fishermen with boat at pier la libertad el salvador

4. Listen to the local ladies bargaining for fresh fish for their homes, food and market stands

locals buying at seafood market la libertad el salvador

5. See, Hear and smell the bustle and commotion of fishermen and the fresh fish market

shark teeth at local seafood market la libertad el salvador

6. Eat at the local eateries serving the freshest seafood you can imagine – nothing beats a ceviche and beer at 10 am!

locals and ceviche and beer la libertad el salvador

7. Watching the locals enjoying their day, eating fresh food and socializing among each other

fresh ceviche vendors local seafood market la libertad el salvador

8. Meeting local artists selling incredibly unique – one of a kind – art works

local seashell artist la libertad el salvador

Don’t miss out on local fun!

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Those are the reasons why everyone should visit El Salvador. Have you been to this Central American country? Did I miss any reasons? What do you guys think?

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2 Responses to Secret Attraction of La Libertad on the Balsamo Coast, El Salvador

  1. Begonia says:

    I love that pier! One of my fondest memories from my time in Central America was a weekend trip to El Salvador. We went to the fish market at the pier, had some Ceviche, and bought an enormous black tuna for some ridiculously cheap price and then had it cleaned for another 50 cents. We then took it back to our bungalow hotel in El Zonte and commandeered the hotel’s kitchen and made seared tuna for all the guests (there were maybe 11 in all).


    • How fun!!! we did the same with shrimp. It was sooo cheap. At first we were arguing over the price thinking it was for 1 pound but it turned out the price of like $5 was for 10 pounds!!!

      We ended up eating fresh shrimp and lobster for breakfast and night 🙂

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