Freestyle Adventure Waterproof and Durable Watch – Review

My husband, like most men, loves his watch! I remember when I first met him, he showed off one his watches telling me that when he started working his very first paycheck went to buying it. That was a long time ago. Since then he’s been more picky and when we found the Lopex III watch, let’s just say it was as much fun as him telling me about his very first one.

Another thing about men, they don’t waste their time in coloring what they think.


Here is a breakdown of features that most appealed to him about the Freestyle Watch:

1. It has a good weight to it – I like heavy watches!

2. I found the stopper on the wrist band one of my favorites. This is something that isn’t found on most bands, but the fact that it stops the bands from slipping out, yet also doesn’t pull on my clothes is great!

3. The blue back light helps during night time without blinding me when I need to see the time or work on the alarm settings.

4. Easy to use the basic operations without instruction manual – more for my wife to play around with. But the fact that it is so easy to use, makes it more user friendly.

5. Easily changes from mode to modes.

6. If I don’t use the watch for a while, it automatically changes to normal time, my time zone.

7. Waterproof and resistant – I use this for climbing which sometimes takes me through waterfalls and it doesn’t matter if I get it wet or scrape it. It’s durable and you just know this watch can handle a lot of adventure sports.

Things to Consider about the Watch:

1. The straps can be a bit higher quality or look a bit more sturdy for the heaviness of the watch.

2. It allows you to change to up to 24 different country time zones. Way too many unless you plan on being in these countries all within the same time period.

3. With all the timezones, there is no way to name them so you’re not really sure what time zone you are looking at.

Thanks Chad Labass, for sending us the Freestyle Lopex III watch! All of my opinions are always my own.

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