Review – Travel Bag – Carry On – by Tom Bihn

Have you used a bag that seizes to amaze you, or even better seems to have the never ending space for your thing? If you raised your hand yes, then the only bag you could be referring to is: Tom Bihn’s Aeronaut Travel Bag! My brother had a recent trip and wanted to avoid checking in his bag and only use a carry on. I recommended the Tom Bihn bag. He looked at the small compartments and said: “You’re telling me this bag can put ALL this in it?”

tom bihn back pack review 3

I nodded and said: “Give it a try!” Let’s just say the outcome was beyond his and my comprehension.

What are the Incredible features of this bag:

From a quick glance the bag can pass off for a simple duffel bag, but when you start packing it up it just never seems to run out of room. It’s super light weight and opens the full compartment in a rainbow shaped zipper giving you access to the full space. There are 2 large pockets on the side that can fit endless more things.

tom bihn back pack review space inside

On top of the fact that you can literally fill up the bag three times as much then any other carry on, you can also use it as a backpack!

tom bihn back pack review back view

For you to best get the feel of this Magic bag, pictures definitely say a lot more then my words can ever say.

This is what it looks like full

tom bihn back pack review 2

This is what it looks like as a carry on hand held

tom bihn back pack review hand held

My Take On It: When you first look at the price it can definitely take you for a spin, since it’s not a budget bag! But trust me, it’s worth the money. You can get rid of the check in bags, have a super reliable bag that you know will last and last and last!

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Thank you, Darcy Gray, we love our bag! All of my opinions are always my own.

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