Travel Baby Depot Bag by Okkatots

As you all know I have two kids and we love to travel – a lot. One of my boys is still a baby and babies need so much stuff that it makes my head spin at times. So I needed a carry-on bag that could fit enough stuff to keep my son full taken care of and entertained.

It’s not always easy to find a bag that can have everything within reach, so when I started doing research I came across Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Backpack. It seemed to have everything I needed as a one quick and easy stop!

Features that Stand out the Most in the Travel Diaper Bag:

It has a huge zipper, so when you open the backpack it’s kind of like opening an over-sized book giving me easy and quick access to everything inside.

One compartment that is made specifically for diapers, can fit up to 16 different sized ones.

I’m paranoid, that’s not question about everything. Maybe it’s living in Guatemala, or hearing all the non stop robbery stories, but the fact that you can hang this bag up everywhere so you don’t have to worry about it being left on the floor wins lots of bonus points for me.

Plenty of outside pockets for baby bottles and toys and more. They are also insulated to keep the bottles warm and also not soak the inside of the bag, if it leaks.

The quality of the bag! It’s durable, it’s well sown together, it can take a beating and can be washed off easily from any dirt or kid accident that be falls it.

There is a pocket for everything under the sun. Its really well organized and I love pockets!

One thing which I wish it had, was more support. Aside from airplane and road trip travel, we do lots of walking and hiking and it doesn’t have the best back support. Padded shoulder straps are great, but… For instance, I’d be happy with a waist-belt to put the weight more around my hips rather than my over-burdened shoulders..

Accessories Included with the Travel Bag:

Waterproof bag for clothes or food

Wiper dispenser – believe it or not, I have only used plastic bags before. It really makes a difference

Pacifier pouch – if you use pacifiers, it’s great. We never used one so we just use it for our own stuff – like my ear plugs

A whole diaper station with a large, soft changing pad – meets safety standards for minimal lead and phthalates

My Take On It:

I really enjoy using this bag. It’s perfect for road trips and for plane rides, because everything is at my fingertips. There are some features that my baby doesn’t need yet – like the DVD player holder, but my seven year old seems to think it’s made for him so everyone wins.
To make your travels with baby less stressful and agonizing – which they can be if you’re not prepared – Okkatots baby bag works great.

Thanks Emmie, for sending us the Diaper Bag, it’s become our savior! All of my opinions are always my own.

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