QuikPod Camera Extender, Tripod and Accessory Package – Review

What do you do when you want to take a family photo at a great spot?

I feel like either my husband or I always have step out and take it our picture. And most times we’re not in places with lots of foot traffic so there’s usually no one around to help out. And, honestly, I’m not a fan of asking – it’s just weird for me! So I end up missing great photo opportunities.

That’s why a camera extender is a must have when my family travels. I have tried some really good ones but found another great option that has been working wonders for me and my photos. It is called QuikPod, which is an extender yet SO much more!


Here is what makes this cool camera accessory piece stand out above the rest:

  • It’s so small when folded that it fits perfectly into my backpack
  • It attaches to all cameras and camcorders with a standard tripod fitting
  • You don’t need a support surface, just extend it and hold it in front of you.
  • Since you take the photo not so close to your face you also catch a wider image of the background.

Here are the bonuses QuikPod Explorer package! (Side note: this is the best camera accessory package I have ever seen. It’s sooo tiny yet soo practical, that every time I use it I still get blown away by it!)


Here’s what you get:

  • Tripod Legs – which turn into a full tripod
  • Hiking Clip – so convenient – until you have one you don’t realize how much you needed it
  • Pocket Clip
  • Carrying Bag – everything fits into this pocket sized bag
  • Wrist Strap

Believe it or not these accessories truly simplified my life. Now it’s a lot easier for me to carry it around and I don’t have to take with me an extra tripod, which we all know can get super cumbersome).

If you buy any camera extender/accessory this is it!

And don’t forget these main points:

– No need to ask strangers for help with your camera. No one can run away with your camera.

– Works with all digital cameras and camcorders (up to 16 oz).

– Made of sturdy polycarbonate (same material as airplane windows) and machined aluminum

– Can also be used for overhead shots (parades, concerts)

– Can be used underwater with waterproof cameras

– People go around you when using the Quik Pod, you never have to wait for pedestrians to stop walking between you and the camera.

Thanks Wayne Fromm for sending me the Quikpod Explorer package!

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  1. Chat Yin says:

    Hi, I love what you wrote about QuickPod Explorer, any recommendation on where to get it? I am going to google it now.

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