Meat Lover’s Delight – Eat Up Carinvore

Vegetarians, close your eyes and nose, cause this is a full on meat blast. We may not be visiting Argentina or Brazil, but Nicaraguans enjoy their meat just the same.

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I am not a meat eater, I rarely have beef at all. However, when traveling my husband loves to indulge in his meat needs, since he doesn’t get them at home.

This was our dish, which said was for two but can easily feed a large family of four, in Granada, Nicaragua.

Encuentra mas información sobre los restaurantes de Nicaragua.

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Check out other great International dishes on Wanderfood.

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3 Responses to Meat Lover’s Delight – Eat Up Carinvore

  1. Dolores Staub says:

    Mad Cow Disease already has one victim in Costa Rica. Has it reached Nicaragua yet?

    • I honestly have no idea. We’re fine 🙂

      Mad cow disease hits many people all over the world, I don’t think about the bad and enjoy the good. we have no idea what will happen to whom or what, so why worry?

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