Visit to Copan Ruins Honduras – Mayan Ceremonial Site

Did you know that the Copan Ruins in Honduras are considered one of the most important Maya Ceremonial cities and ruins along the Maya route. among other things, it is because the monuments here have helped archaeologists to learn a lot about Mayan writing and language. Continue reading to learn more about this and other reasons why Copan Ruins are so important.

Visit to Copan Ruins Honduras - Mayan Ceremonial Site

Why the Copan Ruins Honduras are SO important in the archeological world:

1. Intact Artwork and Writing

The Mayan Steleas that were found here were practically intact from when they were built. As you can see in the photo below, some of them still have the original bright red color on them, almost perfectly preserved over the centuries.

This is important because the hieroglyphs that they used as writing are still complete. This allows experts to read and interpret the full thing and not have to guess.

2. The Stelae also read like books

If you know how to read Maya that is. Gratefully, to a Russian woman – my people – can now decipher what they Maya once wrote.

Because the Mayan versions of paper books where they recorded their history and scientific advances, we don’t know much about them. They were considered guides to heresy. That’s why having monuments like these that can be read is so important.

3. The main staircase

Aside from the wealth of info the Steleas read, the main staircase which was almost perfectly intact, gave the largest insight to the Maya world, more than any other ruin to date. It can be read too. Plus the preservation lever in it tells us a lot of their architectural techniques.

Visit to Copan Ruins Honduras - Mayan Ceremonial Site - main staircase
4. Copan Ruins was home to centuries of dynasties and empires

Each one built more grandeur temples over the others. Luckily for us, we can visit the tunnels that are under the city to see these ancient relics and their water systems that they used for their villages.

Visit to Copan Ruins Honduras - Mayan Ceremonial Site - the tunnels

What To See at Copan Ruins

Unlike other ruins along the Maya route, Copan doesn’t have an all-inclusive entrance fee.

You have a choice of 3 things to see:

1. The main ruins themselves
2. The underground tunnels
3. The Museum

And they all have separate costs, and in my opinion, it is worth paying for all of them.

Visit to Copan Ruins Honduras - Mayan Ceremonial Site - museum
This is my second visit to Copan Ruins. I came here as a backpacker, budget traveler 10 years ago. This time I returned with my family and we splurged on the whole package.

Trust me doing the entire tour is worth every single penny! You get the full experience of this incredible place.

How to get there and cost

Copan Ruins are located less than 5 minutes – by car- from the center of Copan town. Be aware that the prices vary if you’re from Central America or any other country. You might have to pay a little more, but it isn’t too significant.

On average the whole package can cost you up to $40. Kids under 7 are half price.

Also, take a lot of sunscreen and bug repellent with you.

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Visit to Copan Ruins Honduras - Mayan Ceremonial Site

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