Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – Precious Puppy Bottle Holder by Bottle Snugglers

Bottle Snugglers

Having a baby is complicated! They may be small, but they sure are big in everything they do! Bottom line, anything to simplify my life and make sure my baby is happy is what I desperately need.

After doing tons of searches on the web for bottle holders, I found the Precious Puppy, Bottle Snugglers holder!

I’ll be honest with you, very few products out there truly make a difference in your life. This one is one of them! First of all, when traveling I simply place the bottle inside the loop and place it on top of him. He drinks away while playing with the cute little ears of the doggy and I get to do whatever legal nonsense the airports insist you do.

Bottle Snugglers

However, what has been a true lifesaver for me, are the nights! Yes, we are still battling with sleepless nights and I can barely keep my eyes open as I stumble into his room. Lucky for me, the Precious Puppy Feeding Time Helper is there to save me. I simply put the bottle inside, lay him down next to me on the bed.  Eventually he falls back asleep, I place him in his crib and back to dreamland we go.

Everyone is happy!

If you were to get one product that truly works, gives you freedom and baby is quiet and fed, this would be it!

Thanks Jennifer Marko and Bottle Snugglers for letting me sleep better at night!

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  1. Lowela says:

    A puppy and a bottle holder at the same time. Brilliant idea, isn’t it? I’m sure that kids will like this stuff and also to us parents who need not to bring their favorite stuff toys specially when it is huge and you only got a little place during your travel. It can be very hard for you if you get to carry a lot of stuff with you.
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