A New Restaurant in Town – Santo Domingo Del Cerro!

I’m not one of those people that run to every opening of every new restaurant, but some of them I just have to check out. Especially if they are family friendly and have something new to offer, since it feels like the majority of the restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala these days all have either a tiny courtyard or roof top terrace of a tiny window seat.

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The New Restaurant On Antigua’s Block

Santo Domingo del Cerro has it all and then some! First of all it’s owned by the same family that owns Santo Domingo Hotel, one of the most beautiful hotels in all of Guatemala if not Central America. But that’s not why it’s great, this family does everything with class so it’s no grand surprise that their new restaurant will rock!

First of all it’s a climb in your car up a hill. Along the way, there are plenty of gorgeous, but odd, displays of artwork dotting the ever climbing path.

The restaurant must have one of the best views of Antigua Valley with the volcanoes surrounding it.

My son, who I am truly hoping is displaying the same curiosity traits as me, insisted we check out the museums that are on site before the food arriving.

So while my husband and K-boy chilled out at the table. Well, it’s a bit hard for a 9 month old to just chill out, but maybe the fresh outdoor air or the onslaught of all the new sites, I was able to take B-boy for a tour of the place while the food was being prepared.

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I’ll say this now and I’ve said it before, I am extremely difficult to please when going out to eat. The majority of the restaurants are sooo unforgettable that I practically don’t know which is which anymore. And in even more honesty, the restaurant at Santo Domingo Hotel is one of those places, except you remember how gorgeous the dining hall was that you ALMOST forgive the tasteless, tiny, overpriced food.

So to cut to the chase, yum yum yum! Wow, I have fully forgotten what delicious, heavenly food tastes like! YUM!!!

Another great measuring tool is my 7 year old. He eats nothing, we often wonder how he survives. And when he does eat it’s an excruciatingly painful experience for all of us. So our mouths dropped when he finished an entire pizza all to himself and even tried my husband’s delicious steak.

I had a pumpkin ravioli, with cream sauce and mushrooms and a flower medley. Don’t ask me what the flower was, I didn’t understand that much when it was explained, but it was soooo tasty I never wanted to stop chewing.

And the best part of all, it was super affordable!

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