La Bocona Hotel – Luxury Hotel in Granada, Nicaragua

Granada is Nicaragua’s colonial gem! Cobblestone streets, great boulevards with hundreds of outdoor restaurants and cafes, lake front parks and isletas, and don’t forget the horse carriage ride, are just a few of the things to do here! So to travel in style to such a town, I started looking for a luxury hotel in Granada, and had the luck to find La Bocona hotel!

Luxury Hotel in Granada

Take a look at some good things to do in Granada, Nicaragua.

There are many wow’s that happen when you arrive to this hotel that you are totally not expecting. No matter what the website says, somethings simply can’t be experienced online.

The Room Experience at this Luxury Hotel in Granada – Wow Times 10

Have you ever opened the door to your room and simply stood speechless as you looked inside? I’ve stayed in hundreds of hotels, but not once did that happen.

We had the deluxe room which is a relative name, since I’ve stayed in Deluxe rooms and that had nothing deluxe-y about them.

So what took the words out of my mouth? The immense grandeur! The room itself was 1400 square feet. It seemed to never end. I bet the builder who built this hotel charged the original owners for a 3 story house when it’s really a one story house. The ceiling was so high it added to the immensity of the room. The two king size, canopy beds literally got swallowed up and they looked like two little twin sized beds in a very large master bedroom suite.

granada nicaragua hotel

“So do you think we have enough room for the porta-crib?” My husband joked as my seven year old, who didn’t have the speechless problem, ran back and forth screaming that was the biggest room he ever stayed in and wants to live here FOREVER.

Looking at the doors, we kept on wondering what workshop could have doors that size since they must have been at least two full stories tall.

The Hotel Experience

As I’ve mentioned before, traveling with kids allows you to involuntarily spend a lot of time at the hotel. Either they take naps during the day or they are too tired to sight see and need some serious downtime. This hotel was perfect for both.

My oldest can only do so much walking around. He can swim for hours in the pool, but god forbid he walks another block. Luckily, there was a great pool for him to splash around in and cool off from the scorching heat which is the norm in the tropics. While my little guy napped peacefully in our room.

Lounging Time and Breakfast Nooks

As my sons did their thing, my husband and I lounged out in the number of over-sized, couches that are placed strategically all over around the hotel close enough to our room and the pool so we can be in both spots, almost, at the same time.

Mornings is one of my favorite times of the day. Like it or not, an infant keeps you up all night and for some bizarre reason is up at the crack of dawn. Which actually was a blessing since it’s the coolest and freshest time of the day.

One thing that struck me most was the friendliness of the staff. I was up at 6 am as the cook and her assistant arrived. They came to work as though they were coming home all smiles and ready to help. Daily they brought us cold water and tea or coffee to our room while preparing breakfast.

The breakfast tables are placed all around the hotel so where ever we were for the moment that’s where they set our tables up for us and served fresh fruit and eggs to our liking.

La Bocona’s Short History and Bathroom Placement

La Bocona is one of the original mansions that stands fully in tact from when the Spaniards ruled these parts of the world. The grandiose rooms and antique wood beams are just a few of the interesting traits of this hotel.

Encuentra más información sobre los hoteles de Nicaragua.

One unexpected and unique trait is the luxury bathrooms. They aren’t in the room. They are in the corridor. No they are not shared, every room gets their own private bathroom fully stocked with all the conveniences of a great bathroom. However, the initial – Where is the bathroom – reaction, will happen. As it did to us.

I have to say, after a couple of hours, you don’t even notice it. The hotel is so well constructed that even if it was full you probably wouldn’t bump or see anyone. Plus, the robes that are given to you, make you feel like you’re walking around in your own home.

Contributing and Community Service


Many establishments and services say they give some of their profits to different organizations but few actually give 50% of their revenue as this hotel does to: Carita Feliz, a local center for young people promoting health and education.


I love, love, love staying at hotels with a personality that makes you remember it for many moons after your trip. This hotel was definitely one of those. I don’t think I will ever stay in a room that size again, and if so, it probably won’t feel as large as this one because a lot of people feel you need to fill up the space rather than just let it be. Which is the more enjoyable choice.

I am super grateful to Nadene Holmes, general manager, and the staff for making our stay in Granada so fun and grand!

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