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Granada, Nicaragua is one of those colorful little towns that with every corner there is a new surprise. My trip to Nicaragua was a duel mission – Family adventure and work – tons of my clients and readers have been asking me about a good hotel in Granada Nicaragua and since I only recommend places I know personally, we decided it was time to check it out.

Before arriving I did lots of research and made lots of contacts before hand to make sure I experience the best of Nicaragua. One of the hotels I contacted was Hotel Dario. A date was arranged and my family was invited to come and visit the hotel for an afternoon.

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Daysi, the public relations manager, met me and gave me a quick tour. I was a bit surprised that with the prices the hotel was charging the rooms were extremely small, no windows and barely any light. Maybe because La Bocona, the hotel we stayed at, had similar prices and the rooms were 10 times bigger, more spacious and had a better feel to them it was hard to compare.

However, the location of Hotel Dario is certainly better since it’s right on the main street with all the restaurants. Although, be careful it can get super loud in the rooms since this is also the area for partying to all hours of the night.

However, the real problem happened after the invitation for me to tour and have a complimentary meal was completely null and void when Daysi conveniently told the waiter – take care of her and left never mentioning our correspondences.

I have had many professional meetings all over the country and this is how we build relationships. After my dinner I handed over the waiter a very generous tip and he said but here’s your bill. I said I was invited, which he said he knew nothing of. That’s fine, obviously there was a small communication breakdown. So I said, no problem let’s talk to Daysi and I have all the emails sent to me to show our communication.

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She said that it was a lie and I have to talk to the general manager. Again, not a problem and I really didn’t care if I had to pay for it. Plus, I was happy to meet the general manager since we were in the process of creating a relationship.

To me a hotel is much much more than a place to stay. It’s about the service and how my costumers will be treated for the duration of their stay.

Enter Arturo Arias, he instantly came on me with an attitude. “What’s going on here?” he spoke loudly so that the staff would cringe at his voice.

I explained the situation and told him let’s go into his office which was about 10 feet away, I was looking at it, and I will be happy to discuss this with him and show him the emails.

He yelled even louder: “I don’t care what you talked about before, I am the only one who has any say here and I never heard of you.”

Just to make clear, he was CC ed on every email and I have proof of that too.

He continued yelling and playing the role of the alpha male, to the point that a few patrons who were sitting in the lobby left. Again, I asked him to go into the office to discuss this.


Whatever the problem was it could have been dealt with in the privacy of his office, instead he chose to show his best face by being an arrogant man who disrespects perspective customers and simple human interaction.

If this is how a small problem is resolved at this hotel, I hate to see what any real concern gets.

I have stayed in hundreds of hotels worldwide, I have met hundreds of hotel owners and managers and staff members. I have never encountered such horrible, unprofessional treatment in all my life. As a friend and a travel professional, I DO NOT recommend staying at this hotel. There are so many other wonderful options where the staff welcomes you with open arms.


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