Balance Spa – Where Tranquility and Calm Meet – Granada, Nicaragua

While staying at La Bocona Hotel I had a very pleasant encounter with Amos. He presented himself as the owner of the spa Balance which occupied the back part of La Bocona Hotel. Since I’m a sucker for a good massage I decided to experience what this man had to offer.

Balance Spa

First of, when we first met and he showed me around his spa there was an instant peace and calm that surrounded him. He just had one of those auras that made me feel relaxed, which is a pretty rare thing to do!

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Second of all, the secret is out – all of Granada’s Spa owners and massage therapists come to Amos for their treatments! It’s like passing a popular Chinese Restaurant full of Chinese guests, you just know you’re going to have a good time!

hotel spa granada

Amos has a great set up, and the peace of the place helps you sink into the massage table as he does his magic.

One thing I’ve discovered by living in these countries and getting plenty of spa treatments, normally the masseuses aren’t real professionals, nor have they ever had formal training and a lot of the times just go through the motions of what was obviously taught to them over a very short period of time.

Not the case with Amos, he not only has plenty of years of experience under his belt, but the training to go with it. Studying for 6 years as a chiropractic therapist and acupuncturist the overall massage was just what I needed.

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But the best part, yes it gets better, his prices are ridiculously reasonable! And even though it’s a total treat, you won’t feel your pockets hurt and maybe even go back for a second time!

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Even if you’re not staying at La Bocona, I definitely recommend enjoying either an hour or an afternoon at Balance Spa.

Here are some of the spa and acupuncture treatments Balance Spa offers:

Therapeutic Massage
Chinese Cupping
Hot Stone Therapy
Acupuncture Ear Treatment

So Contact him today:
505-8962-8110 and 505-2552-2888

Thanks Amos for a great massage and peaceful afternoon!


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