Anyone Up for a Canopy Tour in Guatemala?

Have you ever flown through the air like a bird looking down at the forest around you? If you haven’t then I suggest you get yourself to a canopy tour in Guatemala right now!

We did just that and it was the ride of our lives!

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This is how our canopy tour in Guatemala went:

My 7 year old and I went on the Antigua Canopy tour. My great husband watched from the sidelines with our 1 year old. I promised he can go on his own another time and I’ll babysit, so we can talk about the amazing experience together.

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Since we have a car, I bypassed the free pick up that they offer from various parts of Antigua. However, once we saw the cool trucks that pick you up, we got a bit jealous. But no need. Part of the tour is the ride up to where the ziplines are and what an adventure that was. We drove high up to where the views of the volcanoes came alive and into the forest where we were the only ones around.

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Our tour had 6 people in total with 4 guides. Each of the guides was trained and certified, bilingual and great fun! They were extremely helpful and, it seemed to me, as excited about us doing the tour as we were!

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When my son was 4 years old we went on our first canopy tour in Costa Rica. We had a blast, but specifically remembered that it wasn’t at all eco friendly with the zipline being crazy loud and if there were any animals in the vicinity they were scared off for miles away.

The first thing we immediately noticed was the no-sound of the zipline cord. The reason, they explained, is that they weren’t using the metal rods but heavy ropes that could withhold the same amount of weight, covered in plastic which completely reduced the noise. This way the impact to the forest was minimal, except for when you’re flying through the air screaming with excitement!

I was also a bit nervous at first for my little guy to go on his own, but watching the security measures and protocols that the guides have to adhere to, all my worries were immediately put to rest.

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In total we flew over 2 kilometers in mid air. The first cord started you off slowly, to get you used to the new adventure and towards the end were doing almost 300 meters.

I’ll tell you, this was one of the best kid friendly and mama friendly adventures we’ve had in a long time and I can’t wait to return!

Thanks Will and Antigua Canopy tour team for inviting us and giving us such a great time. We will definitely be back!

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  1. Adam says:

    The rainforrest canopy tour is the one activity I want to do on our off time when we are not working with I am hoping I’ll learn enough that I’ll be able to put a zip line through my trees at home..

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