El Salvador Festivals – Holy Week (Semana Santa) – Sonsonate, El Salvador

Holy Week is celebrated in every Christian country throughout the world although each country has its own traditions to celebrate this religious celebration. But a place that would interest any traveler who would want to witness how El Salvadorans’ celebrate Holy Week or Semana Santa is in Sonsonate, El Salvador, the fourth most important city of El Salvador.

Learn more about the celebrations in El Salvador.

Descubre más datos interesantes sobre las celebraciones en El Salvador.

• Sonsonate, El Salvador is well known for its street carpets or “alfombras” made of colorful flowers and colored sawdust that are created on the street for the procession.

• During the Lent season just like any country  Salvadorans’ don’t consume meat on Fridays but eat only seafood instead during this time.

• Some of the popular food for the Holy Week for most people here are: fish cake soup or seafood soup, rice with clams accompanied with hot tortillas made from corn flour, plantain or mango marmalade, dry fruit candy and French toast with sugar cane honey (panela) called torrejas.

• And at the end the week, Easter Sunday is celebrated with a special mass and a procession.

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  1. Alex says:

    Hi! nice article, just a little observation, im from El Salvador, when you refer to people from El Salvador you have to omit the particle “El” and just say Salvadorans. Blessings.

  2. Ed Matth says:

    heyy nice thanks for share 😀

  3. Monica says:

    I am salvadoran, and it is not that bad

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