7 Facts about Tikal

Tikal is a beautiful Mayan City, one of Guatemala’s most important Touristic destinations and a place very closet to my heart. It’s such an interesting place filled with history and information, so I decided to share with you 7 facts about it.

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1. It was the first place to be declared Human Heritage site by UNESCO in 1979 for two things. Its archaeological and its ecological value.

2. Tikal is also known for being the largest city of the Mayan Classic Period. It was considered a political and social center.

3. We all know it as Tikal but what its name really means is “Lugar de Las Voces” (place of voices).

4. It was used as the scenario for one of the star wars movies and used as a model for one of Mel Gibson’s movies: Apocalipto.

5. Its population is estimated to have been of around 50,000 habitants and 90,000 at its highest point making it one of the biggest cities of its time.

6. Its highest building is the one that was called by archaeologists: Temple IV. Its actual name is Temple of the Two Headed Snake and is 70 mts. high. You can climb all the way to the top and enjoy the best views of the whole place.

7. Tikal can be found in the Peten department of Guatemala, in the middle of one of Central America’s largest rain forest.

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