La Ceiba Porta Spa in Antigua – Traditions of the Maya

I am a spa junkie. And have turned my husband into one as well. Whenever we need a massage, we do the couples packages so that we can relax and feel the joys of a good massage at the same time. Gratefully, if you need a spa in Antigua, Guatemala, you will find tons of options.

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However, I’ve discovered that anyone can give you a massage. It’s the experience of it that makes all the difference. Ceiba Porta Spa inside the Porta Hotel Antigua, has shown me what a true spa day is all about!

This is what La Ceiba Spa in Antigua Guatemala is all about:

For over one year I watched La Ceiba being built every weekend, since Hotel Porta Antiguais one of our favorite family spots on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and I was very anxious to see the final outcome. For our 10 year anniversary, my husband and I went in for the signature ‘Sacred Tree of Life‘ couples package.

What I witnessed on the outside was nothing compared to the world-class, not-a-single-detailed-overlooked structure that came to life as you entered.  From the moment we were greeted to the end there wasn’t a single thing out-of-place or this-could-have-been-better-done.

We were escorted to separate locker rooms which had a robe, towels and even shoes for us to use, so that we didn’t dirty any of our own stuff.  There was also a water area, sauna and steam room to enjoy. After we were ready, we headed down a dim hallway filled with sweet music and fountains in the background.

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For a couples massage you weren’t taken into just a massage room, there is a room designed specifically for you and your partner to get absorbed in.

How to describe what awaited us? We were welcomed by two lovely massage therapist that sat us down in cozy chairs, gave us warm Jasmin tea and some sweets to enjoy while we placed our feet into warm water.

While we drank our tea and soaked in the water they poured different ingredients into to the water each representing a sacred tradition, herb, and element of Guatemala.

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After our feet were caressed and we were fully relaxed from daily life and before the massage treatment, the girls turned on the jacuzzi (for 2), poured in the bubbles and gave us 20 minutes to indulge in it.

This was without a doubt the most fun I’ve ever had in a Jacuzzi. Not sure if it was the jets or the bubbles or a combination of both, but I swear to you those bubbles grew and grew until we were covered in them.  When we got up, they stuck to us like an expensive outfit moisturizing our skins. And, as I said before, no stone was left unturned. A shower stood right next to the whirlpool and two clean towels.

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Now for the massage!

The whole ritual, a better word for it rather than just a massage, took about one hour and fifteen minutes. It started from the head all the way down to your ti-pee toes. On both sides! After every muscle was kneaded and undone, they ended it with an exfoliating treatment made from local ingredients to bring your skin to life. Then they said good bye and let us revel in the sensation. I didn’t want to leave that room! After that how could I face the world again?

Good thing they took this into consideration and you can slowly make your way back to the hustle and bustle by enjoying some more leisure time in the lounge area with tea.

It will be hard for me to find something that will compare to this experience. And the best part of it all, on weekends you can bring your children with you and leave them in the kid’s club where they can have their face painted, watch a clown show and be in safe hands with the girls that work there.

We had the Tree of Life package, however there are many to choose from plus a full service salon. You can literally spend all day spoiling yourself!

I am so grateful to Alejandra Salazar, director of La Ceiba, for giving my husband and I the best anniversary present!

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  1. Now thats what I call a bubble bath! Looks like someone was having a really great time my wife would really enjoy this.

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