Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – ERGObaby’s Organic Twill Dark Chocolate Baby Carrier


This is a baby carrier by ERGObaby with an ergonomic design made of organic cotton twill. It has one inch foam in each shoulder straps and in the waist belt to make it comfortable for parents to carry around. It has a capacity of 5′ to 6.5′ body height and up to 90 pounds. It comes with an adjustable sleeping hood.



I have to start by saying that this is one of the most useful products for traveling with kids and carriers I have used. The guys from ERGObaby where kind enough to send it to me over a month ago so I have had plenty of time to try it.

Since our son is 9 months old we thought it was a good idea to start with the front position but with this carrier the baby faces toward me and he was used to looking outward (up to this point we’ve used the Baby Bjorn). So we decided to try the back position but he is still too small so he doesn’t get to see what’s going on around him, instead all he sees is my back.

But then we tried the last position and it turned out to be the one that works perfectly for us. It is the hip-side carrier. With this position he sits on the side of me, fully supported with his face looking at everything around him plus his hands are free. This position also gives me freedom to do whatever I want and to move in almost any direction.

The best part about this carrier is that I have my boy close to me at all times. This allows me to constantly check on him yet give him freedom to be on his own. Another big plus is the fact that because of its design all the weight is on the hips away from my back.

And when he falls asleep all I have to do is to use a cover/hood it comes with and place it over his head. I love being able to give him some comfort while we are on the street.

My husband and I have been using this carrier and he loves it as much as I do. He thinks it is very comfortable to carry around. Men are built differently than women, yet the carrier works perfectly for both sexes!

Plus, living in Guatemala, I am spoiled with a full time maid/nanny. So these past couple of days she has been using it to do the house work while he hangs out and enjoys himself and even helps out once in a while.


When I first got it my husband and I had to take some time to learn the three different positions it can be used in. It also took some time before we found out which was the best position for our boy.

The other thing is that it is not easy to try to put it on by yourself. The easiest way to do it on your own is the hip carrier position but for the back and front positions I like to have someone helping me.

It’s not a carrier you can just throw on. I really recommend you take a good few days to learn the ropes. But once you do, you’ll love it!

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