Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – Lightload Travel Towel


Ok so this is something that everyone needs not just travelers. But this particular brand offers a different kind of towels that I know that are great for travelers, adventurers and anyone. Let me give you a short description of what they are all about and then I’ll let you know what I thought of them:

These are light and absorbent towels that can fit into your pocket no matter what size they are. They are made of a very thin and soft material and come in many different sizes.

When I first got them I was a bit confused. I literally asked myself this is it? Because they came in such a small packaging and I had ordered beach size towels (second picture). Then I opened it and out of that teeny tiny package came out a huge towel. Which brought me to a second question: is it really absorbent? It is so thin! The answer came a week later after using it as a common bath towel and yes somehow that super thin towel is very absorbent.

Lightload Travel Towel
The one thing that was a bit of a problem to me was figuring out how to put them back into that tiny package. But when I did they became great space savers for my family trips.

So far I really love these towels I got. I’m even considering buying more in different sizes, I think they would be great to use on my 5 month old boy because they are really soft. My 6 year old swimmer also got the chance to try them and I haven’t gotten any complains.

In my experience these towels are great for travelers because they save a lot of space and they do their work.


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