Travel Experta’s Interesting Facts – The Largest City in Central America – Guatemala City

Guatemala City is so many things to many people. Yet don’t forget, it is also the largest city sprawl in Central America, quickly jumping to the number one spot of being its number one commercial capital and, as many would agree, its cultural center.

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Chances are, you’ll want to skip this part of Guatemala and hop over to Antigua. But there may be a myriad of reasons for you to either have to be here, or simple curiousity pulls you here.

Guatemala city, with its-too-many-to-count zones, you’ll see the generous class differences between the obvious haves and have-nots, an insane amount of malls that will put many USA malls to shame, fast food chains on every corner, skyscrapers and forgotten shantytowns with forgotten populations.

But that’s not all! Here you will also find 5 star hotels and world-class dining, the best museums in the country, areas such as Zona Viva (zone 10) with the best bars and clubs in the country, and one of my favorites: Cuarto Grados Norte (Zone 4) where you can stroll along European inspired streets filled with outdoor cafes and delicious restaurants.

So, if you have the time and really want to check out what the hype is all about NOT being here, you just might find a few gems amongst the overall mayhem.

Caution: Don’t stray off to areas you don’t know anything about. The danger stories do exist, however, they don’t go after tourists directly it’s more of a being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, keep your belongings tight on you. Don’t take anything you don’t need!

Can’t Miss This

…..* Museums
…..* Zone 1 – Presidential Palace and the central Market
…..* ZOne 2 – Relief Map
…..* Zone 4 – Cuarto Grados Norte
…..* Zone 10 – Zona Viva
…..* Zone 13 – La Aurora Zoo & Children’s Museum

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2000 years ago the Kaminaljuyu Maya tribe made its home in the northern part of what is Guatemala City today. They moved away long before the Spanish conquistadors invaded in the 16th century. And even then, the La Ermita Valley was fully ignored and bypassed as Antigua was made the official capital. That was until July 29, 1773 when the main earthquake demolished most of Antigua and people escaped to the valley. After settling down, September 27, 1775, King Carlos II of Spain officially named La Nueva Guatemala de la Asuncion as the capital city. One thing the new authorities overlooked was its proximity to the active fault line.

Guatemala City was not immune to earthquakes and had suffered many: 1917 and 1918. However, the 1976 earthquake destroyed the city, killed over 23,000 people and left more than one million homeless.

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