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The cultural diversity of Guatemala is astonishing. What is it that you want to see? the natural beauty of the lakes, volcanoes, jungles or black sanded beaches or experience the living culture of the Maya or the Ancient Maya Civilizations remaining cities, Guatemala has it for you.

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Guatemala, a small country with a very varied landscape:


In only 109 thousand Km2 (about the size of West Virginia), you will find tons of things to see. There are 37 volcanoes (many of them are active); several mountain ranges; 35 river drainage systems, with hundreds of small creeks and tributaries, flowing into 3 different oceans; 6 major lakes and almost 1,000 smaller lakes; 4 major climatic regions that contain 14 life zones with over 8,000 species of plants and more than 1,500 species of animals (probably the number of species that has not been described yet will duplicate that number).


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This country lies on top of the junction of 3 tectonic plates, moving in different directions, pushing against each other. This results in the particular landscape. A volcanic range that runs parallel to the Pacific coast, which is why the sand of these beaches is black. The central part of the country is characterized by highlands and mountains that are the result of the Earth’s crust folding due to the pressure of the plates. There is abundance of minerals and metamorphic rocks here, as well as granite and other rocks with igneous origin. The Northern and Eastern regions rest on a limestone bedrock, which favors the formation of caves, sink holes, and travertine pools.


In a country like this, the possibilities for outdoor activities are enormous!

Photos By: Fuego Volcanomikebaird ; Grand Jaguar mtsrs; Semuc Champey colinroots; Antigua Guatemala antwerpenR.

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