Family Travel – A Family Adventure in The Lanquin Caves of Guatemala

Last week I talked about my fantastic experience in getting to know the beautiful town of Coban. But that’s not all we did in the region. The day after we explored the town we headed to one of the main attractions of the area: The Lanquin Caves. Before I tell you all about our experience let me explain to you what the Lanquin Caves are:


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The Lanquin Caves are located off the highway that runs between the towns of Lanquin and Coban. This national park was one of the first protected areas declared in Guatemala. It is an enormous and beautiful complex with limestone formations so big that no-one has ever discovered the end of this cave system. Modern Mayas from all over Guatemala still believe the cave is the heart of heaven.


I’m completely in love with this place. The surroundings and everything is beautiful and we got there before sunset just in time for the most fabulous show you could ever imagine. I still can’t get over it! We saw hundreds or maybe thousands of bats waking up and leaving the cave all together. They looked like a huge black cloud over our heads. It was incredible!


After this mind blowing experience we kept on walking inside the cave through paths that were well illuminated where we could see a lot of beautiful rock formations and even an old altar where ancient and modern Mayans still practice their rituals.


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I loved this place for its beauty and uniqueness; I mean there is even a huge tower made out of stone in there! My son also had a lot of fun trying to climb up some rocks and looking at the bats. For me this is one of those places in Guatemala that you have to visit. But if you do go make sure to take some insect repellent with you, since it’s such a wet place there are a lot of mosquitoes.


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