Guatemala Restaurant Review – Chateau DeFay, Antigua


Cost: $10-15 per person
Food Quality: Average
Decor: Average – cafeteria style, no elegance for the price
Service: Horrible
Cuisine Type: Italian
Location: Antigua
Phone: 2363-3858
Website: Chateau DeFay


Some Facts for You

Chateau DeFay is a vineyard located on what used to be a coffee farm just minutes away from Antigua, Guatemala. It offers a miniature golf course, a wine tour and a restaurant.

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Personal Review

For months I’ve wanted to go to see Chateau DeFay, the only winery in all of Central America, which just happens to be located 20 minutes outside of Antigua, Guatemala. The photos are exquisite showing a true French Chateau and the grounds look great. Plus, they have a miniature golf course which would be amazing for B-boy since he’s never played golf before.

So I planned our day, we would arrive for lunch, because after speaking on the phone with a very knowledgeable person, it sounded splendid. A high class lunch, followed by miniature golf, and topped off with a wine tour. As in most cases, I’m seeing a trend that it looks great on paper.

To get to the Chateau you have to go thru a battered up village, take a dirt road,  pass a landfill, and then low and behold you really do come up on a magnificent structure with beautiful grounds.

Starving we went directly to the restaurant. We were the only ones there! But that’s not a problem, the menu had no more than 5 options all $10 and up. Which in Guatemala is considered mid to high end, so you would expect that from the place.


However, it was by far exquisite service. First of all, the waiter was a Guatemalan from the battered village who had never had any formal training in upper scale service. We ordered an appetizer of cheeses because we were considering in buying some from them and one platter offered all three.


So he brings out the cheese plate, no napkins anywhere to be seen, no utensils, just lick away. So my obvious question to him was, “which cheese is which?” He looked at me and swung his hand with this reply, “A Saber!” Which literally means, “Who the hell knows!”

I said to him, “well we were interested in buying it, that’s why we asked.” So he quickly pretended to know what he was talking about, and pointed randomly. My next obvious statement was, “can we have napkins and silverware.”  He nodded, never came back and my husband had to go and get it himself.

20 minutes later, which was fine the menu stated it will take some time to prepare the food, my husband’s food came out. Just his, no one elses! So my son and I sat around looking as his food got colder and colder until we forced him to enjoy his $15 dollar special dish, while my 6 year old’s food was no where to be found, along with the waiter!

Finally, I had to go and ask where was the food, that it miraculously arrived.

My recommendation, if you’re going to make your way out here, make sure you eat at home and enjoy the rest of the time.

The main attraction of course is the wine tour, which had a very knowledge wine guy and we thoroughly enjoyed it, however, we also came to play some miniature golf. If you are looking for the cool gadgets that normal miniature golf courses provide, look further. This was kind of an after thought, they threw out 18 holes in odd locations, that were more focused on Tiger wood pros than little kids. But it did entertain my son enough for him to have had his fun before mama and papa had a chance to enjoy the wine tour.


Since this is a very expensive hobby and you can tell, the owners are true wine lovers and have spent a whole lotta of money on the place, the bottles don’t come cheap: $20 each. But you can’t come here without buying one, or 2!


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  1. Antonio Martinez says:

    DONT visit this vineyard, there´s a heavy armed band of thieves nearby. My wife and I were assaulted yesterday.

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