Costa Rica Wildlife – 10 Secrets of the Margay Wild Cat

What’s adorable, mistaken for a domestic cat and survives solely on meat: The Margay! This beautiful animal can be found in Corcovado National Park, Costa rica’s South Pacific Region. However, this gorgeous little creature has many interesting secrets:

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1. Margays are carnivores. They love to eat Monkeys, rodents, birds, lizards, and insects.

2. They are nocturnal felines and have been known to attack in the dead of night.

3. Margays grow up to 5 cm tall from their toes and can weigh up to 5 kgs. Their size has led to many to mistaken them for domestic cats.

4. As a matter of fact, the Margay makes a great domestic pet.

5. At one point this beautiful little wildcat used to be found everywhere in Costa Rica, in thick woods from coastal lowlands to interior mountains. It was considered least-likely to be endangered, but unfortunately even this cat isn’t immune to extensive deforested for banana groves and pastures.


6. They are excellent climbers. They even sleep in trees and make nests in hollows.

7. They mark their territory by urinating on branches and other objects.

8. What’s so different about this cat they are solitary animals and don’t like to travel with other cats.

9. They can have up to two kitties. However, with diminishing habitat and more living in captivity, they are breeding less and less.

10. Margays at one point were considered the specie that cannot become extinct. But with the continuous challenge of global changes, these sweet looking animals are facing near extinction according to IUCN.

But there is hope becuase Corcovado National Park has taken quite a few important steps so that these beautiful creatures can enjoy their time around and you can have a look at their lifestyle whenever you want.

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