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Second of a series on what makes Costa Rica a great place to start traveling by Doris Gallan.

The best way to ensure a fun trip with the minimum amount of stress is in planning what you want to do, where you want to do it, and who can provide the services for you. With its well-developed tourism infrastructure, many well-written guide books, more travel blogs and web sites than you can count, and a large English-speaking ex-pat population it is easier to plan a trip to Costa Rica than anywhere else in Latin America. With its beautiful beaches, active volcanoes and diversity of environment this country has just what you need to have great vacations!

You can get a general feel of what is going on in the country by reading the local media and in Costa Rica this is made easier by the English-language newspapers with an on-line presence (check: and

Start by checking the web sites of travel services like, travel blogs and guide books. These will give you a good idea of where travelers generally go which will assure you of a good variety of hotels/hostels, restaurants and activities. These popular spots are also more likely to have public transportation to take you there as well as arranged tours and activities.

If you are interested in a particular location, start digging deeper by viewing web sites specific to the area (Google the name of the town and see what comes up). Travel blogs are a great resource as well as they often have the most up-to-date information on variables such as weather, wildlife sightings and crowds.

Baby Boomers considering Costa Rica as a retirement option should travel to the country first to ensure that their impressions are correct. No one should take all of the marketing information about the environment, economy, cheap real estate, good health care, etc. at face value. A few weeks in the country talking to other ex-pats can ensure a smooth move and transition here with realistic expectations.

Whether considering a move or coming for a short trip, the better informed you are as a traveler the more fun you’ll have and the less stress you will encounter.


Doris is a Baby Boomer living in Costa Rica. She and her husband traveled around the world for 26 months visiting 40 countries on six continents (including Antarctica). You can read more about their travels and get travel tips at Follow Doris on twitter @dorisgallan.

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