Photo Friday – Ox Carts, the Last True Costa Rican Tradition

Ox Carts, Carretas, are the true Costa Rica traditions. Many people come to Sarchi to see them made at the oldest Ox Cart Factory. Plus, they are the hot item to buy to take home with them as a souvenir. You can get it pint sized or the real deal. If that’s what you came for, the stores have it all worked out for you to ship the cart home, minus the Ox!

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Since I live here, I get to experience it they way it should be. Luckily, my next door neighbors are a family of farmers for generations. They still milk their cows daily and transport them from one side of the road to the other for grass nibbling. Plus, they believe in maintaining tradition, when so many others have ‘modernized’ themselves.

Fillo, my neighbor, is the proud owner of a two gorgeous hunks of Ox and a typical Ox Cart that he bought 40 years ago for $5,000. His daily usage for the cart, that stops traffic coming up and down my street, is collecting grass and hay for his cattle. However, he also loves kids!

For my son’s birthday, I asked him to take the kids on an Ox Cart ride. It was the time of our lives! I don’t know who was more giddy, the adults who watched and took turns maneuvering the ox, or the kids sitting pretty in the back. Either way, before my time in Costa Rica comes to a quick end, I’m sooooooo happy to have had this experience.

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