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Montezuma Beach in Costa Rica, to me, is like a pot of fun at the end of a long rainbow. Once you find it, you’ll quickly forget how far of a land-water-land trek it really was. It’s a perfect place to travel. With it’s beautiful views it exactly what you need for great and fun vacations with your family or friends.



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If you’re coming from San Jose, the average time it will take you is anywhere from 6-8 hours even if it does look like IT’S RIGHT THERE! You need to take a bus to Puntarenas (2 hours), then wait until the ferry takes off (1 hour minimum), the ferry ride (1 hour), and then take another bus to Montezuma (2 hours). You’ll be lucky to arrive there in time for the sunset.

So instead of anticipating the long haul with drudgery, enjoy it. Take in the scene and live it up! For once you’re in Montezuma, you’ll never want to leave.

What I love about Montezuma?
God, there are so many things I can’t even begin to list them all. However, my absolute favorites are:

1. Walk to the waterfalls – there are two. One is a hike through a river bank, the other is a 2 kilometer hike along the untouched coastline.
2. Healthy and Organic Eats
for some reason this side of the world has a bunch of delicious, ultra healthy restaurants and cafes.
3. Howler Monkeys – every time I stayed in Montezuma I have always been woken up by the lovely howls of these creatures and my extra early bird son:) Sometimes, if you can get yourself early enough out of bed, you can see them foraging for food.
4. Bohemians – I’m not a hippie myself nor a tree hugger, however this town seems to draw them from far and near. They bring the eccentric and eclectic feel to the town, with funky jewelry vendor stands and great drum circles.
5. The Beach – let’s not forget the most important part: Montezuma Beach. The way I rate things is if my son loves it, I love it! Needless to say, he was all over it!

Note: there are alternatives to getting there. You can take a water taxi from Jaco directly to Montezuma making the whole ride less than 2 hours long.

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It’s a perfect place to travel. With it’s beautiful views it exactly what you need for great and fun vacations with family or friends.

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