Sports Fishing in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

My girlfriend and her husband own Tropic Fins Adventures a Sports Fishing outfit in Puerto Jimenez and invited us to join them on an afternoon In-shore fishing trip. I am sooo not a fisherman! My husband had about as much experience as I did, with the exception of several of leisure river fishing attempts with his buddies. Needless to say, neither one of us had any idea what to expect.

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Now Cory, the captain and guide, who’s had over 15 years experience fishing, has taken out professional fishermen and showed them the best times of their lives, yet I feel his job is a lot easier when he’s out with fellow fishermen, rather newbies such as us. If that’s the case, we never felt it! On the contrary, he made our first sport fishing experience so fun, that my hubby’s already making plans with him to go Off-shore. Also using a conventional reel helped the process once the fish started to come in.

After about a 20 minute boat ride to the middle of Golfo Dulce, we anchored the boat and waited. Meanwhile, Cory prepared all the rods and when the first bite happened the adrenaline that started to flow through us was hard to describe. With just my luck, two bites came at once and Cory directed me to one while my husband was struggling with the other.

I actually did have a couple of fishing experiences when I was very young, usually the fish that we caught weighed no more than five pounds, and could be lifted by my pinkie finger, and we thought that that was great fishing. While battling to keep myself from falling off the boat because of the immense creature that had taken hold of the rod, I had no reference point of what I was up against. After running five circles around the boat, my husband, with Cory’s help, lifted out a Jack Cravel that weighed no less than twenty pounds and was breathing almost as hard as my husband. However, this is all hearsay, since I was still in the midst of fighting for my life with the fish that was dragging me all over the place. It was pulling so hard I was ready to throw myself over, or at least the rod.

After the excitement of the Jack Cravel subsided and the fish was released back to sea, all attention turned to me, FINALLY! Cory expertly took the rod from me and handed it over to my exhausted husband who had a spurt of adrenaline hit him all over again and he managed to reel in a gorgeous fifty pound Rooster-fish.

But that’s not all, on the way back to the pier, right as the sun began to set over the Osa Peninsula we were intercepted by a friendly group of dolphins. With my son and my friend’s son on board, we had the time of our lives as the dolphins danced and jumped out of the water leading us straight to home.

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    Looks like you guys had fun.

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