Most Helpful Expat Resources That Help You Feel Connected and Part of a Community

I love being an Expat and my kids get to grow up as global citizens! It defines so much of who I am and what I am. However, it’s not so easy…

Benefits of being an Expat

  • Immersing oneself in another culture
  • Meeting people from other cultures and seeing their side of things
  • Meeting expats that are experiencing the same as you
  • Raising a child in foreign lands and giving them important exposure that will be useful for the rest of their lives
  • Forming a close knit community away from home

Disadvantages of being an Expat

  • We are strangers in new lands
  • Language barriers
  • Misinterpreting cultural nuances or being misinterperted
  • Being unfamiliar with customs, rules and regulations of the country
  • Being far from home, your loved ones and friends
  • Not knowing where to go to meet friends
  • Having your child understand that it really is a good idea to live in different parts of the world

Gratefully with the internet being so accessible all we have to do is click on a few sites and we’re connected to others just like us.

Today there are communities, forums, websites helping and focusing on the Expat’s well being.

Since I’m moving to a new country where I don’t know anyone, I’ve been practically living on these resourceful, amazing sites.

Expat Women share stories with other expat women from all over the world that have been there, and are doing it! This site is full of resources for adjusting to new moves, to divorces overseas, to how to raise kids in foreign lands, to connecting with other women.

Expat Blog what better way to connect than with other expat bloggers! Join their community, chat on their forums and if you don’t have your own blog, they have a platform for you to start one for free.

Just Landed this is a great site. You can find out info about the country you’re moving to. Join the community and forums for each country or general info. Look for real estate, jobs and other important information to make your move successful and smooth.

International Living has over 30 years of experience with helping people move to other countries, retire and invest overseas.

Expats Moving and Relocation Guide is full of useful information for the actual relocation process, pet air travel, packing, seeking employment, moving with kids and so much more.

Expat Network has been helping out expats for decades. Chat with fellow expats, look for work, manage your money and find out all you need to know about expat living.

Expat Forums there’s really not much more to say – it’s forum time!

Expat Exchange offers a lot of what the other sites do, however, I like that you can submit an article about your story and read other people’s stories and cases.

Easy Expat has forums from different countries in different languages.

An American Abroad even though this is mainly for United States Citizens living abroad, it does have useful information for other expats.

Allo’ Expat has forums for all countries that are community focused in helping you make the best of your move and to other expats in your area.





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