Where in Costa Rica Can I Get a Pony Ride?

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La Sabana Park, on the eastern side of San Jose, is a great place to start! Plus you’ll get a chance to hang out at one of the best city parks in Central America. I’ve been to my share of central parks and I’ll tell ya, this place ranks up there with Manhattan’s Central Park and London’s Hyde Park!

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With lots of open space, a lake, plenty of activities,playgrounds and family areas, Sabana Park is on the top of my list of family friendly places to go.Whenever my son and I get restless in the house and the sun is out, we head over to La Sabana. There is never a dull moment there. First, we go for a leisurely stroll around the lake to check out how the locals are spending their day and sometimes, we join in on a few of the activities. One thing in particular we often see, is a person dressed up in some kind of kid-friendly costume. On this particular trip it was a Barney character.

However… whoever did the hiring forgot to tell the guy dressed up as Barney that his job requirement was KID ENTERTAINMENT, because the Barney guy had absolutely no interest whatsoever in KIDS! His goal was to get as many pictures and as much attention as possible from the older girls. I mean, I practically had to force him to even stand next to my son for a picture because he was too busy gawking at the girls passing by. But hey, it’s all part of the fun!

And to top the day off just right, I always make sure my little guy gets a pony ride! The ride is guided by one of the employees, who leads the horse on a tether, so it doesn’t run wild, or go off the prepared trail. It lasts about 1/2 hour and goes all the way around the man made lake in the middle of the park. All this for only a few dollars. He loves it and I’m happy that I can use this as a negotiating (bribing) tool to make him do almost anything I want, i.e. eat, get dressed, listen to me. And on top of that, I can roll this treat over into the aftermath. For instance, if he doesn’t listen to me I’ll gladly remind him about the pony ride he just had and if he’s a good boy there might just be another one coming up soon.

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