Relocating – Where To Live in Guatemala?

Unlike most expats who usually have to relocate with a set location, unless they are enjoying the good life of moving from place to place, I have somewhat of a leeway of where to go in Guatemala.

The main reason we’re moving there is because my husband:
1. My husband is Guatemalan
2. My husband has actually been living there for the past year working.
3. We have gotten used to living apart and can manage me living in a safer location and not be together every single day during the work week.

So, that’s where the leeway comes in.

I am coming from a country that has four million people in the entire country and moving to a country that has over 12 million and 4 million of them live only in the city. Plus, Guatemala City is sooooooo huge, sooooooooo complicated and sooooooooo dangerous that no matter what I will do, I’d be living either in my car or in utter fear. Plus, all the schools that are inconveniently scattered around the city are over $10,000 per year. And on top of that, the majority of the kids that go there are accompanied by a caravan of bodyguards. There are more bodyguards sharing each families secrets as they wait for the kids, than there are KIDS!

A good school would be the only motive for moving into the heart of the city. But sorry, no matter how great the school is, I can’t justify my son being a part of this weird world.

There is hope. Antigua! Don’t ask me why, but for some reason this gorgeous, colonial, cobblestoned, colorful city has yet to be hit by the insane crime wave that is happening a mere 45 minutes away. But who am I to question that! I’m just glad that there is a respite.

We have decided, after many hours of debating, that this will be the best course for us.

Stay tuned as I look for the perfect place, if there is such a thing, and how I go about finding it!

How-To Relocate Series

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