Relocating – Real Estate – House Hunting in Antigua, Guatemala

I had two main goals when I arrived to Guatemala for my solidifying-our-move trip.

1. Schools for my son. Which after going through a number of schools we did find a (cross-your-fingers) decent bilingual school.
2. A house to live in!

Nothing is easy anywhere in the world nor are things what they seem. Remarkably, though, finding a place to live was quite easy. Which makes me really wonder, am I truly this cynical when it comes to everything or is it really THIS EASY.

Don’t get me wrong, I spent hours on the phone with realtors and checked out their websites from top to bottom. But the actual process of hunting for a house was (almost) painless! Let’s see what happens when we actually move in:)

List of Realtors in Antigua

Century 21 Casa Nova
This is the most popular real estate agency with the best listings. Plus, the agents are just great. They are efficient, super friendly and professional. (We went with these guys)

Team Antigua
Their listings were nowhere near as good or plentiful as Century 21. But it’s always good to see what the others are offering and at what prices.

Bottom line, they had absolutely nothing. I think they are ONLY working with millionaires, or just can’t be bothered.

Antigua Houses
This is a one-woman show. Doria, who has a bunch of great listings, is a lovely realtor and very efficient. We were this close to going with her, but ended up settling on our very first view with Century 21.

One of the main reasons it’s painless, there are sooooooo few listings and agents. We fell in love with the very first place we saw.

However, and this is really important for whoever is moving to Antigua and maybe anywhere in Guatemala, there is a secret to prices. Stay tuned till tomorrow to find out what it is!

How-To Relocate Series

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