Relocating – Looking for the Best Health Club in Antigua Guatemala

I’m not like a die-hard workout freak, but I do love my time at the gym. So, while we’re in Guatemala I had to be sure I’ll have A gym!

Antigua is a large, yet very small city with few options. Quite frankly, I prefer less options. Your head doesn’t spin out of control wondering which is the best one.

There are four options here:

1. CDAG – Guatemalan Sports Confederation (the same place where my son will be taking after school programs and would have been a convenient option). The gym is a teeny tiny room with more machines than is legal! I’d say the length of the room was no more than 50 feet and the width no more than 10 feet. On top of that, the place was one huge sweat shop with bodies packed in like cattle.

I had to step outside to speak to the director. The price was beyond reasonable, and I know why:
Inscription – $5
Monthly – $ 5

2. Gym Medic – (7832-5465, 5407-4237) there is only one door to enter into the gym, yet I stood outside completely confused because you enter into a full-on aerobics class. Not on the outskirts of the class, but dead center. You have to sidestep the overheated women who are bouncing up and down spraying sweat all over you to get to the main room. Escaping a collision by a thread, I tripped into the director’s office were I was reassured that I did enter correctly.

My main interest, besides decent machines is SPIN CLASS. Since there was no spin room and just a few bikes piled into a narrow room called the-rest-of-the-gym I had to ask about the spin classes which is advertised with huge letters in the entrance.

This was the conversation that followed with my inquires.

Me: “Do you have spin classes?”
Them: “Yes we do!”
Me: “Wonderful, what’s the schedule?”
Them: “Thursdays morning or night and sometimes Fridays.”
Me: “Huh? Do you have classes or no?”
Them: “Thursdays 7:30 or 8:30 am, 5pm or 7 pm. Fridays too, but you have to call to find out the time if it’s morning or night?”
Me: “Is there a class or not?”
Them: “Yes, yes, of course.”
Me: “What is the schedule???”
Them: “Thursdays morning or evening, Fridays if people decide the following day.”

This was the cue to say goodbye. Plus I had to brace myself for the aerobic class and pray that no lady collapsed with a heart attack while I’m exiting.

Inscription $20
Monthly $20

3. La Fabrica Gimnasio – (7832-0486) This is the oldest gym in Antigua. It’s a fully equipped gym with a SET SCHEDULE of aerobic classes. The only setback that I found was that they offer very few spin classes and not at all a convenient time.

Daily $5
Weekly $11
Monthly $25
Three months $22/month

4. Antigua’s Gym – (7832-7554) So far this is the best gym for me. First of all, it’s gorgeous. Located inside an old fashion colonial style home with a fountain. They too have a set schedule of classes, and a much wider selection for spinning. Plus, the price is right. At least I think it is. I was told if I pay for one year in advance, and they will freeze the months I travel, it will cost me $24 with no membership fee. However, on the way out, I was handed a brochure with totally different prices. So, it’s better I write an updated post once I move there and can verify it!

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