Relocating – Day Care Centers in Antigua Guatemala

Day Cares seem to be the secret movement around Antigua. For one, everyone says that they exist, but no one has any idea where to begin looking for one.

After asking every person on the street and checking out the local newspapers (Revue Magazine and Que Pasa en Antigua) I came up with two possibilities.

The first one is a lady who has a day care center at her house broken into two sessions. The morning session is from 8 am til noon and the kids ages range from 10 months to 8 years old. My first question is, what parent doesn’t send their kid to school at that age. And she’s not super cheap, so it’s not like it’s a bargain!

The second group starts at 3 pm til 6 pm. But the kids are older, so she says, and they do homework and other stuff together. So my son kind of falls into a gap, he can’t go to the first session cause he’s in school and he’s still too young to go in the afternoon. So basically, this sounds like a dead end.

The other option was a lady who also has a little after school program. It’s Monday through Thursday 3 pm til 5 pm. What is that? I mean, how is that even a day care? It will take me more time to bring him there and pick him up. Hardly worth the money and time.

So it looks like there are no day cares at least not for my needs. Maybe once I move here the secret of decent day cares will be revealed.

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