Relocating – After School Activities for Kids in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua is extremely peculiar in some ways. In particular, the school systems don’t think that mothers work. Every single school in the area ends at noon. So my question is constantly: What do you do with the kids after noon? Even though I work on line and am location independent, I do work!

Normally, the people smile and say well you’ll have a nanny right. I’m like, yeah, maybe, not sure, but it doesn’t matter because they don’t stimulate the kid for shit. They sit the child in front of the TV and say have fun. My son is at the age that he is a sponge and will have fun doing anything. Since I work, and am not the best stimulator in the world unless I’m traveling and showing my little man wonderful new places, I NEED to find activities for him.

So the search was on and this was what we found:

CDAG – Guatemalan Sports Confederation – this place is soooooooo great. They offer a bunch of classes for girls and boys from 5 years old and up. The classes are gymnastics, karate, chess, and basketball. We decided on gymnastics from 3:30-5 pm, five days a week and karate 5:30-6:30 pm, three days a week.

Now here’s the clincher. Guess how much the classes are?

Drum roll…

It’s $4 to sign them up for the year and $4 per class per month. Is that even normal?

I’m soooooo all over it.

I have called other places like country clubs where they offer karate three times a week for $20. Not sure the difference with this class and the government funded one, except that it’s 20 minutes outside the center of Antigua and in a “country club” and $16 more.

The same country club offers private tennis classes once a week for $20. I might actually be interested in this activity. I’ve never ever mastered the racket-against-ball sport thing, but maybe my son will.

The other place I called was a stable. First, I was told that my son was way too young. However, for a mere $20 for 30 minutes, they can tell me if he really is too young!

I think for the time being I’m set.

I will keep you posted once I move and whatever changes and additions we end up making.

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