Costa Rica With Kids – What makes it so Family Friendly

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Costa Rica With Kids - What makes it so family Friendly

First and foremost who in Costa Rica doesn’t have a kid! And if they don’t have one yet, there’s one on the way. It’s contagious. Even us ex-pats are multiplying like bunnies down here.

My husband and I have made a sport out of counting the number of pregnant women we see on the street within an hour.

On average I’d say eight to ten. So you can understand how great Ticos (friendly acronym Costa Ricans use for themselves) are with kids. If you want to enjoy your family vacation this Central American country is the place to travel to.

I’m one of those people who never noticed babies, puppies or other supposedly-cute living things, even after having one of my own. But that’s so unlike the people who inhabit this country.

Women and girls will cross highways while saying “AAahh” and pick up your child. Even older men will sneak in a quick game of peek-a-boo. However, the most shocking contradiction of all are the local teens.

Being that I was an extremely self-absorbed, self-centered teen myself, I was surprised to see punked-out adolescents. With spikes for bracelets, ripped jeans and hunched over backs breakout of their heated conversations to gawk and tickle my son.

But after this has happened over and over again, I’ve come to believe the genuineness of this culture’s adoration and patience of little people.

So bring your kids to a place where their egos will be pampered. Their whims will be granted while you glow with gratitude.

It is amazing that some countries still have the time to take out and appreciate the true joys of life.

Can you think of a more kid-friendly country to visit?

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