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I get many emails from different emails from people who are either interested in Costa Rica, want to move to Costa Rica or just have general questions about expat living in Costa Rica.

I’ve decided to make a helpful list to get you balanced and point you in the right direction.

Before moving here I started reading the English newspaper Tico Times online. This is a super helpful site and newspaper giving you a great glimpse into what is happening all around Costa Rica, with a great classifieds section. Plus there is also another English speaking newspaper, A.M. Costa Rica with more information, and a lot more classifieds!

If you can read Spanish, the national newspaper Nacion, is also a great bet and they have a wider classified section. Honestly, I prefer their classifieds because they are more geared towards the locals, where as Tico Times is strictly foreigners and the prices are quite higher!

To find out all about the residency process and other questions about moving here, Residency In Costa Rica will answer all your concerns.

I like to hear what real living people have to say about real life, so I joined this group and forum: Costa Rica Living. Plus, since I’m a foodie through and through I enjoyed this forum Costa Rica Eateries.

Don’t forget a map of Costa Rica! It’s free, get a PDF download, print it up and you’ve got your self a great map.

For general info, facts written by more real people giving you the dirt on Costa Rica check these sites out:
Costa Rica Blue Book
The Real Costa Rica
We love Costa Rica

The Costa Rica List, is almost the same as a Craigslist Costa Rica, but much more comprehensive with a lot more info on everything!!!

To end the list on a good note, here’s the motherload of Costa Rica Links.

Hope this helps get you started!

Costa Rica is a great country! Pura Vida:)

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