20 Most Common French Phrases To Learn Before You Go To Paris

Are you planning a trip to Paris?If you are, you might be planning the places you are going to visit and the clothes you are going to wear while you are there.Given below are some common French Phrases you should learn.

But have you considered learning some French to communicate with people?

Knowing just a few French phrases can make your experience in France much better.

For example, you will be able to ask for help if you are lost or even make a new friend.


French Phrases

1. Bonjour – Hello, Good Morning

This is the most popular and common French phrase which you will most probably be knowing. 

Bonjour should be the first word to come out of your mouth when you greet a French person, otherwise you will be considered impolite. 

2. Merci Beaucoup – Thank You Very Much

You use Merci Beaucoup when you want to show someone your appreciation for their help or service. 

3. Parlez – Vous Anglais – Do You Speak English? 

You must learn this phrase if you don’t speak French very well or your French vocabulary is limited. 

Many French people in tourist locations are fluent in English so you can start a conversation with this phrase.

If you want to converse with all kinds of people, you should consider learning French.

4. Comment Allez – Vous – How Are You? 

This is one of the most well known French phrases and can be used in almost all situations.

5. Je Vais Bien – I’m Fine

If someone asks you how you are doing, you can respond by saying je vais bien. You can also use it in other appropriate situations. 

6. Au Revoir – Goodbye

If you know how to say hello in French, you must learn how to say goodbye as well. It is a polite way to end a conversation or bid farewell to someone who you were talking to. 

7. Enchanté – Delighted, Nice To Meet You

If you are a foreigner, enchanté is a polite way of telling someone it is nice to meet them.  

8. Je M’ Appelle – My Name Is..

When you are greeting someone for the first time, you obviously have to tell them your name first.

9. Où Est – Where Is..?

If you get lost in Paris, these two words will come in very handy. You can ask anyone where a certain place is located with this phrase.

10. Je Voudrais – I Would Like

This simple phrase can be used for ordering anything at a restaurant. You don’t have to fumble for the right words anymore.

11. Combien Ca Coute – How Much Does That Cost?

You will obviously be shopping a lot while you are in France. With this in mind, you should know how to ask the cost of things you want to purchase.

12. À Bientôt – See You Soon

This phrase is a friendlier version of a normal goodbye. If you have made a new friend in Paris and you plan on seeing them again, this will come in handy.

13. L’Addition S’il Vous Plaît – Check Please

This phrase might be a bit more difficult to learn but it is important you know this. 

In many French restaurants, the waiter might not bring you the check until you tell them to. 

14. Je Ne Sais Pas – I Don’t Know

This phrase will be more useful than you think. If someone asks you something you don’t know the answer to, use this.

15. Bien Sûr – Of Course

If someone requests something from you or asks if you could do something for them, you can say this.

16. Voulez – Vous Venir – Do You Want To Come?

You can invite your new friend to go somewhere with you with this phrase.

17. Je T’en Prie – You Are Welcome

This is a simple way of responding to someone who thanks you.

18. Je Ne Comprends Pas – I Don’t Understand

If you can’t grasp what someone is saying or want to know what something means, this phrase will be useful.

19. Comprenez – Vous – Do You Understand?

If you are doubtful whether someone understood what you said, ask them this.

20. S’il Vous Plaît – Please

While making a request, always make sure you include please.


If you are absolutely new to French and don’t know where to start, you can begin by learning the above phrases. Yes it might be difficult at first, but you will be much more prepared when you visit Paris.

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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