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2 Unique Things to Do in Chicago

Chicago. Or ‘Garlic’ as it was once named in the original Miami-Illinois tongue (the area was known as Shikaakwa – a type of garlic – in the native language, due to the prolific amount of the stuff growing on the eastern boundary shoreline with Lake Michigan, but this was Frenchified as Checagou by settlers).Two of the coolest and most unique things to do in Chicago for those looking for some inspiration on what to do in vacation.

Things to Do in Chicago

For those of us who happen to rejoice in our disdain for all things garlicy (seriously, have you people ever been trapped in an elevator with yourselves?), the fact that these fields of cloves were variously ripped up and removed to make way for bars and shops and restaurants is an act of city planning so well thought out that I really don’t believe it will ever be surpassed.

And what a town they built. A town that would become America’s third city, in fact. This brings us to a salient point about visiting Chicago: it can get a little congested. That’s why you should travel the contact details of a law firm – you never know when you might need to call a Chicago based personal injury lawyer on your trip. Now, let’s look at some of the unique things to do in Chicago.

Top Things to Do in Chicago

Garfield Park Conservatory

This free admission gem of a city attraction is an urban treat for all the family. Think of a zoo, but instead of a zoo, all the animals are plants. 10 acres of plants. From all around the world. Stuff you’ve never seen before. Tropical vines, plants, and flowers that may leave you struggling to believe your eyes. There’s the Desert Room, the Palm Room, the Show Room, the seasonal Room, and much more. There are even children’s workshops and beekeeping courses. Parking is free, and as mentioned admission is free – although, a donation is suggested to help keep this glass bubble retreat in operation. You can’t miss this attraction in Chicago.

The Lakefront Trail

Take your bike for a stroll along Chicago’s famous Lakefront Trail. Running 18 miles from Ardmore Street in the north to 71st Street in the south, this tourist attraction is more than just a concrete pathway. The Trail connects Chicago’s four main lakefront parks, as well as taking in many of the city’s beaches and cultural attractions. See the harbor and the zoo, and experience the range of living that Chicago has to offer in terms of both relaxed sunbathing and party beaches. There are also ample options for a bite to eat, with seven or eight top restaurants dotted along the Trail. This really is a hop-on-hop-off pathway to a wide variety of the adventure and sightseeing that the Windy City has to offer.

There really is no other city that can offer so much to do outdoors!

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