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2 Fun Things to do in Guatemala Other Than Hiking

Guatemala means land of forests. That is exactly what you will find when you visit this Central American country, lots of forests and jungles that cover mountains, valleys and volcanoes, and hide in them lots of different animal species, lakes, and rivers. One of the most things to do in Guatemala is to explore these forests on foot. But you also get a couple of other fun ways to discover what these forests are hiding, maybe horseback riding and mountain biking tours may interest you.

Here is some info about 2 things to do in Guatemala other than hiking:

Horseback Riding
How much fun would it be to gallop through Guatemala’s highlands surrounding Antigua or the Lake Atitlan region just as the sun sets over volcanic peaks? Or what about slowly making your way through sleepy, remote indeginious villages while sitting atop a beautiful steed? However, Guatemala’s special treat are the horseback riding tours that take you to hidden ancient Mayan ruins. No where else in Central America will you have the chance to experience this! Tours vary from half-day excursions to multi-day, multi-terrain adventures.

things to do in guatemala

Mountain Biking in Guatemala

Guatemala seems to be specifically designed for mountain bikers. The list of single tracks, jeep tracks and dirt roads that crisscross this country is endless. Just Antigua Valley alone has hundreds of miles to ride and explore.

You are sure to get the full experience as you grind up big climbs, race down steep descents or roll along well carved jeep tracks checking out the countryside, enjoying coffee plantations while peering at volcanoes that might cough up a bit of smoke at any given moment.


* Be prepared: always wear long pants and boots or sneakers. Wear a hat for the extra sunny days and bring plenty of water.
* Watch out for horseback riding tour operators offering rock-bottom prices, they often use horses that are old, overworked and underfed.
* Have fun!

Things to do in Guatemala – Biking and Horseback Riding


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  1. Awesome tips and very affordable! Thanks for keeping up the great work here. I do so love coming here to read and relax.

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