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1892 Bishop’s Palace, Galveston Historical Foundation

Also known as Gresham’s Castle, one of the most significant parts of Victorian residences in Galveston. In fact, it is on the list of the National Register of Historic Places due to its outstanding contribution to the field of architecture. It’s a decorated 19,000 square feet style residence, with an estimated value of over $5,5 million. Home to Colonel Walter Gresham, from whom it was previously named, and his wife Josephine, where they lived a fresh 120 years ago. I have first visited this “Château” on a Segway tour through Galveston, and I was simply amazed. Learn all about the 1892 Bishop’s Palace, part of the Galveston Historical Foundation in Texas. Try to learn about Galveston Historical Foundation. Here’s why…

Galveston Historical Foundation

Bishop’s Palace, Galveston

An architectural style of an extra-large house and a small lot makes the palace notable. A beautiful complex roofing system, a cast-iron gallery, and other joint materials will leave you perplexed. Nicholas Clayton was the architect behind all this. The design shows how he re-designed the Romanesque architectural style that had started in the 6th to the late 10th century with multicolored stones that were irregularly shaped. He also used semicircular, depressed English royal dynasty period arches with well-crafted carvings of vegetation, people, animals, and mythical creatures. Amazing, isn’t it?

Front of Bishop's Palace, Galveston Historical Foundation

Did you know that it survived the Great Storm that occurred in 1900? Well, now you will be able to see the well-laid basement level and steep roofing with well-sculpted chimneys that helped remain unscathed in what our tour guides assure you will be one of the best Galveston tours. Clayton used simply designed geometric forms and made sure they are bold to bring out impeccable effects.

1892 Bishop's Palace

The entrance to the hall is decorated with well-placed Sienna marble columns giving you an image of other exotic brands in the interior. This includes wholly covered and offered fourteen-foot ceilings on the first floor and stained glass on the shaft in the building in which a staircase is built. Along the staircase is bright octagonal-shaped skylights. The fireplace was never left out. The well-fixed Santo Domingo mahogany makes it worth taking some photos around this Galveston historic tours most visited attraction center. So just make sure your camera is well charged.

Inside the Bishop's Palace in Galveston

Unlike earlier visitors, you are now assured of an extended duration. It will make it possible to view the rarely visited third floor due to time constraints set before. This takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays. To make it better, Thursdays are guests’ day to have a glimpse of the house until 8pm – relaxing! You have no reason to miss, and Segway tour guides are ready to make your tour a memorable one!

1892 Bishop's Palace - Galveston Historical Foundation

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