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18 Travel Accessories You Can’t Leave Without

When we are getting things ready to go on our next vacation we normally pack the essentials. Stuff like weather appropriate clothes, comfortable shoes, and chargers for all of your electronics.

But there are some other travel accessories that you can’t leave your home without because they will make your life easier.

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18 Travel Accessories to Pack

1. Small Backpack

These are the small bags where you keep what’s going to be immediately used or delicate things and are especially helpful in airports.

I also love it when I’m going to explore a new town and I won’t go back to the hotel for many hours.

2. Waterproof wallet:

These are special wallets made to avoid that your money and important documents get wet.

I don’t know if this has happened to you but while traveling in Central America and exploring natural parks I somehow always managed to get my wallet and all its contents wet.

So I never go traveling without it.

3. Plug adapters:

What these tiny devices will allow your chargers to fit into the outlet.

It is a tiny box that won’t take too much space on your luggage and will allow you to plug in pretty much every device to every outlet. You will never run out of battery.

4. Insect Repellent


It can be a cream or a spray which after applying over the body will keep unwanted bugs away from you. This isn’t just because they are annoying but because some bugs can give you diseases like dengue.

This option is a less toxic one that won’t have your skin absorbing a ton of bad chemicals.

5. Maps:

These pieces of paper will help you figure out where you are and where you are going, so you never get lost.

If you are staying in a city or well-traveled place you will most definitely be able to get around just with the map on your phone. But if you go to off-road, having one and knowing how to work one is advised.

6. First aid kit

This is a small bag or case where you will keep basic things such as cure bands and cotton balls that might be useful in case of an emergency.

I have heard that some people think that it is excessive and that hotels or tour companies surely have one, but with this tiny size and almost insignificant weight, it is better to pack one, just in case.

7. Earplugs:

These tiny devices that you put into your ears are very useful when traveling by plane especially if you are on a noisy plane and want to get some sleep.

Because let’s face it, no everyone cares about whether you are tired or want to have a nap, least of all kids. So it is always handy to have a pair on had.

8. Personal care kit:


This is a small case where basic toiletry things like a toothbrush, a razor, and tweezers are kept.

Now you also get them with all sorts of small, travel-friendly beauty products that you will have no trouble passing through the airport.

9. Waterproof case:


When traveling it is always recommended to carry waterproof cases, because you know that things happen and who wants to get its luggage all wet.

These hard and waterproof cases are the best to protect your stuff while traveling.

10. Passport holder:

This is a small device where you keep your passport to protect it. Super simple but with great advantages.

And yet not a lot of people seem to like them. Personally I think that it is a great thing to have to protect the most important thing you will ever have while abroad.

11. Emergency chargers:

They are very small and will be very helpful if you need to recharge your camera or cell phone and you are nowhere close to an outlet.

Let’s face it, we are always traveling with tons of gadgets and there aren’t always outlets available. so one of these is essential.

12. Language translator:

These are tiny pieces of technology that have the size of a cell phone and can translate words and phrases from and to another language.

They won’t help you with a full-on conversation but they are great for basic phrases and to help you learn some key things about the local language.

13. Guide book:

These books have a lot of helpful information for travelers such as good touristic places and restaurants.

The best part is that it doesn’t need to take any space in your luggage because there are digital versions of all of them. Plus, you will surely find one for the place you are about to visit.

14. Travel laundry bag:


This is a must-have, a big waterproof laundry bag is something every traveler must have to avoid having their clean and dirty clothes mixed up.

Travel laundry soap sheets are also a great idea in case you need to wash your stuff in the hotel room.

15. Waist pack or Money belt:

I know, I know. These ho against all fashion rules. You won’t look trendy wearing one but the are sooooo practical.

They give you full control of where is your money, cards, phone, keys, or other sensible documents.

16. Luggage locks:

travel accessories - luggage lock

These are small yet strong combination locks that you can put in the zippers of your cases, this way they won’t be opened by thieves in the airport.

They are the best when it comes to giving you peace of mind at hotels or hostels too.

17. Wrinkle remover:

They can be small steamers or sprays and they take off the wrinkles that your clothes will get when traveling.

I know you might be thinking that it is unnecessary and it takes space but there are times when you need to look good. Plus, it can double as a humidifier.

18. Elegant yet resistant watch

Another accessory that you can’t forget when you’re going abroad is your watch. If you wanted to jazz up your watch before you go away, purchasing a watch strap from Paul Twice would be the perfect way to do just that.

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