15 Best Block Puzzle Games (Most Are Free!)

For those who love puzzles, blocks, and games, here are 15 of the best block puzzle games online. 

And they’re free to play also! 

These games are all different but share the same goal of figuring out how to move the blocks to match each other. Some of these games have a time limit, while others don’t. 

One thing they do have in common is that they’re all fun! 

Let’s get into them.

Block Puzzle Games
Block games are one of the most popular ways to spend quality time with friends and alone on your mobile or PC!

1. Block Puzzle

This is a simple but addicting block champ game. The game’s object is to remove all blocks from the board by sliding them out of the way.

You can slide rows or columns, not diagonals. Use the arrow keys to play these free online puzzle games.

Block Puzzle is a fun game with no pressure and no time limit. The game comes with great graphics and is simple. 

Players will try to keep their boards clean and create vertical and horizontal block lines without gaps. The game offers players simple but difficult-to-master game logic.

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2. Simple Puzzle

This is a sliding block puzzle game where you must move the blocks to get them out of the way.

There is only one space, and the blocks can only move horizontally or vertically. It’s one of the best free block puzzle games.

kids mobile games
Puzzle block games are an excellent way to pass the time and keep your brain active too

3. Flow

This is an excellent block puzzle game where you have to connect the same colors.

The game involves connecting pairs of matching colored dots on a grid to create a flow or path without crossing or overlapping lines. The objective is to fill the entire grid by connecting all the dots.

You can only move the blocks that are connected to the space. If you can’t make a move, then the game is over.

Flow is one of those entertaining and challenging games good to keep you occupied while traveling.

4. Blocks

This is another sliding-block puzzle game. This time, you have to get the blocks in the correct order.

The blocks can only move horizontally or vertically, with no diagonals. 

5. Blockama

This is a block puzzle game where you must remove all the blocks from the board using as few moves as possible.

Each move you make will either slide one row or column of blocks, not diagonally.

The more blocks you remove in one turn, the more points you get.

6. Blocky

You must arrange the blocks correctly in this block puzzle game.

There is no diagonal movement; the blocks can only move horizontally or vertically.

The game is also available on smartphones.

7. Square Off

In this block puzzle game, you rotate the blocks until they form a square. You can only rotate the blocks that are connected to the empty square.

The more squares you make, the more points you get. You can also play on your mobile device.

8. Unblock Me

This is a popular block puzzle game that has been downloaded over 50 million times. 

Unblock Me is a sliding block puzzle game where you must move wooden blocks to clear a path for a red block to escape.

The game’s object is to unblock the red block from the board.

You can only move the blocks that are adjacent to it. There are 4,000 levels in this game.

family mobile games sofa
The best block puzzle games can be played online on PC or mobile

9. Hex FRVR

Hex FRVR is a puzzle game that takes place on a hexagonal grid. The objective varies depending on the level or game mode, but it often involves connecting or matching colored hexagons to clear them from the grid.

This game is a hexagon block sliding puzzle game. 

The game’s object is to get the blocks onto the designated spots.

You can only move the blocks that are adjacent to each other.

The game typically features a clean, visually appealing design with colorful hexagons and smooth animations.

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10. Tetris Blocks

This is an online version of the classic Tetris game. 

The game aims to create rows of blocks that disappear.

As you progress in the game, the blocks become more difficult to manage and faster.

wooden block games
Puzzle block games require strategy and thinking one step ahead to win!

11. Hexagon

This game is played on a hexagon-shaped board. 

Matching tiles of the same color with others of the same color is the game’s goal.

There are only a certain number of moves that you are allowed to make, so think ahead before you make your move!

12. Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a popular free online puzzle game that has been around for quite some time. The game is simple to understand, yet it can be very addicting and challenging.

The main objective of Bubble Shooter is to clear the playing field of all colored bubbles. The game is usually played on a grid, and the bubbles are arranged at the top of the screen.

Create clumps of three or more bubbles of the same color by shooting bubbles at each other.

Clear all the bubbles to advance to the next level. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. 

This is a very nice game with good graphics and relaxing music where all you have to do is pop bubbles.

If both sides are occupied by another piece then draw one out at random for your turn – what could be better than pure luck? Give it a shot, and try playing Mahjong here.

#13 Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles can be considered the original block puzzle game. A picture is generally cut into different shapes, which you then have to put together by remembering what the picture should look like. Best of all, you can solve these puzzles online.

14. Mahjong

Mahjong is a tile-matching board game that originated in Asia.

In this game, you try removing all 144 tiles from the playing surface, but you can only move those that do not block other spaces on their sides or corners!

If another piece occupies both sides, draw one out randomly for your turn – what could be better than pure luck? 

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mahjong block game

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15. Sokoban 

Sokoban is a classic puzzle game where you push boxes to their designated locations. There are many free online versions of Sokoban available.

The game’s objective is to push a set of crates or boxes onto designated target locations, often represented as squares on the grid. 

The player must plan their moves carefully to avoid getting the crates stuck in corners or against walls.

Players can usually only push crates, not pull them, which adds to the puzzle’s complexity. The challenge lies in finding the right sequence of moves to solve each level without trapping any crates.

16. Brick Breaker 

Brick Breaker is a classic arcade-style block-breaking game where you control a paddle to bounce a ball and break bricks. 

In Brick Breaker, you control a paddle that moves horizontally at the bottom of the screen. 

You aim to bounce a ball off the paddle to hit and break the bricks at the top of the screen. 

Each brick has a specific point value, and your goal is to clear all the bricks on the screen to advance to the next level.

Many versions are available online.

17. Bonus Game! 2048 

So, we said we would give you 15 of the best puzzle block games, but here is one more bonus game you can enjoy! 

2048 is a simple but addictive puzzle game where you combine matching numbers to reach the 2048 tile. 

The objective of 2048, a popular sliding block puzzle game, is to combine tiles with matching numbers on a grid to create a tile with the number 2048. 

Players slide numbered tiles on a 4×4 grid, with each swipe merging tiles of the same number, doubling their value. This engaging and challenging puzzle can be enjoyed for free online at 2048Game.Us, offering an excellent brain exercise that blends mathematical strategy with spatial reasoning.

The ultimate goal in 2048 is to create a tile with a value of 2048 or higher. This is typically achieved by combining tiles and strategizing to develop larger and larger numbers.

The game continues even after reaching 2048, and players can aim to achieve higher values or compete for higher scores.

It’s available on many websites and as a mobile app.

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Last Updated on December 18, 2023

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