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11 Features To Look For In A Real Estate Investing App

Technology integration in real estate is fast changing how people invest in this lucrative market. Property technology firms are looking for ways to offer better solutions for starting or expanding investors’ portfolios. You can access the latest development projects and decide whether or not to buy into the market.

Real estate investing apps like Concreit make investing in real estate more accessible and approachable. They bridge the information gaps in the real estate market and can help you save time and money looking for investment opportunities. In addition, you can manage your portfolio on intelligent devices, such as smartphones. 

However, there are risks and rewards to investing in real estate through mobile apps. You must research beforehand to ensure you’re on the right track when building a portfolio. Alternatively, you can consult real estate lawyers or wealth managers for guidance in navigating the vast real estate landscape.

So, what features should you look for in a real estate investing app? Find out below.

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  1. Investor Onboarding

A real estate investing app is a tool that helps you leverage the opportunities available in the market. It should have an easy-to-use interface that simplifies investing or navigating the platform.

The ideal application allows you to create and use an account on any mobile device. Additionally, you should be able to use multiple access terminals when viewing your real estate investment.

  1. Profile Development 

A real estate investing platform should follow the same procedure as opening an account with financial institutions or social media platforms. It should allow you to create a profile depending on the nature of your investing strategy and preferences.

Moreover, security protocols must be in place to protect your portfolio from breaches or fraud. Also, it should differentiate between buyers and sellers stacking cash in the real estate markets. It helps you choose which category you’re aiming for and who you can approach if you want to purchase a property.

  1. Real Estate Database 

The ideal real estate investing app should save you from reading through several advertisements concerning the best deals in the real estate market. They should provide a database of available properties and give detailed insights into trending investing opportunities. By reading through the property profile, you’ll obtain ample information to choose which real estate property to add to your portfolio.

In addition, the user can view the property history showing the list of owners and the type of lease or sale agreement. But you must research further to counter check the authenticity of documents and information provided on the platform. 

  1. Property Valuation

Real estate investment requires an analytical review of a property’s sales, costs, and projected income. It can generate reports that may help you secure asset finance facilities from lenders.

Aside from acquiring loans to support your investment goals, this feature can help you determine the best investment strategy, such as whether to opt for a commercial or residential property. Also, it simplifies your work when you want to dispose of your assets by sidelining brokers and property valuers.

  1. Maps

Maps show the location of each property up for sale in the real estate market. They provide valuable data and statistics on properties that can help you in decision-making.

Moreover, you can further research the property locations and compare government reports, such as security and economic activities in the area. You’ll avoid volatile areas and save money for other upcoming opportunities.

If you’re looking to invest in another country, you may consider progressive countries with a stable market. You might want to look into the residency by investment program, wherein investing in real estate can help you gain permanent residency in your country of choice. 

  1. Cost Calculator

A cost calculator is an essential feature in an investing app due to the underlying payment attached to properties in the market. They can help estimate the realistic prices of assets you intend to include in your portfolio. 

This feature allows you to calculate tax rates, loan interests, and repayment schedules. Also, the platform typically charges a minimal fee to support the services it provides.

  1. Property Details

The real estate market has a mix of existing properties and upcoming or under-construction projects for you. The real estate investing app should enable users to view photos, videos, neighborhood information, and other details describing the property. 

This feature can help in decision-making since you want to pivot your investments to get maximum returns in the future. 

  1. Transaction Records

Transaction records are crucial components of investing in the real estate market. They provide reliable documentation to prove ownership of assets you acquire as you build your profile. 

In addition, the real estate investing app should give you various payment options, such as digital currency, bank transfer, or online payment services. This makes investing faster and more convenient. 

  1. Filter And Categories

Searching for properties in the market can be challenging for you if you don’t know where to start. An investing app will save you the headache of going through every item posted by realtors and other advertising media. 

It’s advisable to select real estate assets that add value to your portfolio. Filter and categories help simplify your search for investment properties. 

  1. Use Of Electronic Signature 

An electronic signature feature is an added advantage to investors who are too busy to physically sign asset purchase documents. Aside from reducing turnaround time for sale processes, using electronic signatures is more secure than conventional paper signatures, which may be tampered with or forged.

The beauty of electronic signatures is that they have many layers of security to safeguard your portfolio from fraudsters.

  1. Real Estate Education And Insights

Some real estate platforms feature educational tools that help investors further their knowledge about real estate investing. This feature is ideal for novice investors or those who wish to learn the basics before taking the plunge. It’s also more cost-effective than enrolling in real estate courses or signing up for conferences. 

You can access articles about diverse real estate topics and network with seasoned investors. 

Final Thoughts

Using real estate investing apps can reduce the cumbersome processes involved in transactions. They eliminate intermediaries or brokers who can derail you when building your portfolio. However, you must look for all-in-one apps with features critical to investing in the real estate market. It’s crucial to research first before including them in your investment strategy.

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